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My brother is 38 and is about 45 days sober. He is an

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Hi, my brother is 38 and is about 45 days sober. He is an alcoholic and has drank VERY HEAVILY for about 10 years, of which ended when he went into a 30 day residential treatment; he has been feeling GREAT; however in the last 5 days he keeps having dizzy spells and extreme nausea resulting in vomiting. Is this normal for someone just quitting drinking? I want to help him and wonder if he should go to the doctor, however he is in a VERY isolate area and the medical help there is not the best, ***** ***** the least.

Thank you for writing to JustAnswer with your concern.

It is so great indeed, that your brother has maintained 45 days sober, and I am sorry to hear of his symptoms.

Dizziness could be a sign of many things, including high blood pressure, electrolyte imbalance, and more severe issues such as impending stroke. Extreme nausea and vomiting, also can be the sign of many things from viral infection to pancreatitis. GI problems such as inflammed liver and pancreatitis are illnesses that are common in heavy drinkers, even showing up after they have stopped (sometimes becoming more noticeable at that time... I am hoping this is not the case though - but he is susceptible with his history)

The two symptoms together dizziness and nausea, increase concern, and he really does need to go to a doctor as soon as possible.

If he is able to keep any fluids down, he should just sip on water or an electrolyte solution (dilute juice or dilute products such as gatoraid) at this time.

Does he have someone to take him? If not, he should call for an ambulance.

I am standing by if you have more questions.

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Again, I'll be standing by and will answer you right away if you have more questions
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Thank you!! His nausea isn't all of the time. He gets it when he stands up or gets up from laying down or as the day goes on. His mornings have been good. I thought that it was maybe a virus but it hasn't been consistent at all. I will have my mother take him to the doctor asap. Thanks so much for the reply. I really appreciate it!

You are so welcome. The nausea when getting up or down could indicate dehydration, so if possible he should drink plenty of fluids, such as the type I mentioned above. That is great that he can go to the doctor. Please write back and let me know what is found, if you don't mind.