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Nurse Milli, RN
Nurse Milli, RN, Nurse (RN)
Category: Health
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Experience:  20 years experience in many areas of Nursing. Both Hospital and Private Practice experience.
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I have been on pain for 3 years in my lower back, on my left

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I have been on pain for 3 years in my lower back, on my left side. I get injured on a Inversion Table. my low back has always give me a little trouble of the years. but while on the Inversion Table I got hung in it and could not get out and was left hanging by one leg, while hanging there something popped in my left side, every since then I have not stop pain in my left side, I have been going to my Chiropractor at least once a week, and I am seeing a deep tissue massage therapist once a month. I have had xrays, and a MRI's and according to the radiologist I am fine, my Chiropractor told me that my pelvis is out of alignment.
I have had to stopped my Martial Arts Training, and any sort of exercise makes the pain worse! None of the Over the counter pain meds work, and since the radiologist said I was ok my Medical Doctor, is cutting out my Norco. Please Help me I am in so much pain and can't help my wife around the house with simple things as doing the dishes, it hurts to stand, walk, and like I said I have not trained in the Martial arts since I closed my school 2 years ago.. I can't remember what it feels like to wake up without the pain..
Thank you, CS ***@******.***

Hi there and thank you for the question. I am a Registered Nurse and will be happy to help you today.

Since your MRI was normal, I would suggest having a EMG done. There is obviously a very valid reason for your pain and usually in cases like this it is due to things like DDD (degenerative disk disease) or a bulging or 'herniated' disk in the back. However, the MRI should have ruled this out and from what you have stated, it did.

From here, you may need additional testing such as the EMG to rule out a nerve problem or muscle problem. Once the cause is found, you can get treatment for what is wrong. Pain is a very good indicator that something is wrong, it is usually just a matter of finding the cause.

Norco is very addictive anyway, so it is probably best that you have been taken off of this it contains aceteminophen (tylenol's active ingredients) so this is not good for your liver. Try something like 800mg's of Advil everyday to help alleviate the inflammation you likely have per package directions. Also, avoid sitting or standing in one place for long periods of time (try to get up and move around) and no lifting heavy objects. Take it easy and see if you can get an appointment with a Neurologist for your back or an Orthopedist.

Reply back if I can elaborate or help you further.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Nurse Milli,

I have had an EMG done by my Chiropractor, but my Medical doctors seem to ignore it. it shows abnormal results in my neck (c1, and c3 area), Middle (t8, t12 area) and my low back (L5, S1 area). My Chiropractor told me that my L5 and S1 are kissing each other, and that my L5 is rotated somehow. Also according to my Chiropractor my left SI joint get stuck, and this is very painful, to where I can't lift my legs.

I would like nothing more to be able to Advil for the pain, but it not help. The only thing that does help is the Norco, and sometimes it does not work..

Thank you for you time.

Hi there and thanks for the reply. The information about the EMG and it's results did not show up on your initial question, so that is why I addressed the possiblilty of having that done. When you have back pain significant enough to take narcotics, it is HIGHLY recommended that you see a specialist. If the Doctors you see are not taking you seriously, get a second opinion (or 3rd...or so on). Your Chiropractor is obviously not keeping you out of pain either. They are often questioned about what good they actually do. I have heard from many patients who go to Chiropractors and complain that they are not getting any relief when it's actually a 'medical' problem and not one that they can magically fix. Massage therapy is good and Chiropractors have their place, but when neither one work, it's time to look at more solid solutions. And also remember, Norco is only covering up a problem, not fixing it.

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