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Dr. Anil
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For the last two years I have been getting ulcers on my

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For the last two years I have been getting ulcers on my tongue , I have been tested for all stds swab and blood , all negative , it seems to be geographic tongue , however I'm paranoid that its AIDS as a few months before I had asthma triggered for the first time due to working in a climate with an average of 80% humidity , I am so terrified and feel like it is taking over my life ,
I mean the tests wouldn't be wrong would they ? It's making me depressed and stressed i was so happy after i got cleared of all stds but I'm scared of getting to the bottom of this , I have a family and I don't want bad news , my doc thinks they are just canker sores affecting my to tongue , should i accept this and move on ? It's So depressing can't even poke my tongue out looks so ugly


Any history of unprotected sex with mulitple partners?

Have you undergone HIV testing so far?

Associated heartburn,nausea?

Phlegm at back of throat?

Stuffy nose?

Are you taking any medications?

Alcohol and smoking?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
HIV test came back negative .No smoking and no alcohol or drugs , I live a healthy lifestyle gym , cardio etc.Could it be possible HIV test was wrong ? The ulcers hurt the first time I had them but not since , mainly affects the right andLeft lateral sides of tongue and centre of tongue , red with a white border , can i send a photo?No heartburn , no medications and also no other discomfort really , Someone's get asthma triggered by humidity in the form of shortness of breath and wheezing/ coughing

Thanks for providing more information.

Well i want to assure you that if your HIV test was negative so it is less likely to have AIDS and you shouldn't worry at all.

As you have recurrent outbreaks it is likely to be aphthous.

Stress can precipitate the condition.

Sometimes foods like eggs, cereals, almonds,chocolate, coffee, peanuts, cheese strawberries and tomatoes etc. can be the precipitating factor, though you did not notice any change.

Acid reflux can be another possible cause.

Sometimes the cause is unknown, sometimes it can occur due to an irritant in the mouth, it is also due to vitamin deficiencies as well.

It will be my recommendation to start having supplements of vitamin B1, B3, B12, C.

You can try chlorhexidine mouth rinse thrice a day.

Also before eating, half an hour prior, u can apply lignocaine mouth paint which will help you eat better.

Try metamucil if your have associated constipation,bloating,flatulence.

Also try OTC Prilosec to see if helps.

But if your symptoms'll persist then it needs to be seen by a doctor for precise diagnosis & sometimes steroid(triamcinolone acetonide orabase) may be necessary to cure it.

I hope this helps.

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