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I am experiencing pain in the back of my knee. It started

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I am experiencing pain in the back of my knee. It started coming on late last night around 10:30pm and is more profound today.
This occurs when I bend it and is relieved to a certain point if I press on the middle back of my knee. what could this be?? I am supposed to leave for Mexico on Tuesday morning so need to know if I should cancel my trip or goto my doctor immediately tomorrow for possibly a corticosteroid injection.
Welcome and thanks for your question , I would like to have some additional information to give you a more accurate answer :
1- Have you experienced similar symptoms before or this is a first time event ?
2-Is your knee swollen,deformed, red or inflamed ?
3- Have you experienced additional symptoms like fever or fatigue ?
4-The symptoms gets worse when you sit or use the stairs , the pain is worse at night or in the morning ?
5-Have you experienced any traumatic event or injury ?
6-Does the back of your knee look red or swollen ?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

1. I have had this kind of pain in the back of the knee occur before a number of years ago but never with a specific diagnosis.

2. Knee is currently not swollen, deformed, red, or inflamed

3. No

4. No pain when I am seated. Getting up from a chair there is a twinge. Same discomfort when I am ascending or using stairs.

5. No traumatic event or injury.....I did have an extra long rapid walk yesterday at around 1:00PM yesteday....and I do drive a manual transmission car. Minimal pain did not begin until around 10:30-11pM last night.....and was worse this morning.

6. So

Pressing in the middle of the back of my left knee does allow me to bend it more easily when I am getting up.

This does not look serious , this type of pain you describe could be product of several conditions like the presence of a Baker's cyst ( which is a fluid filled sac in your knee ) , iliotibial band syndrome ( in which the iliotibial fibrous band become swollen ,irritated or inflamed by its repetitive use ) , strained or torn muscles/ligaments or tendons ( specially the hamstring or popliteus muscles),chondromalacia patellae ( a softening of the kneecap cartilage ), bursitis ( lubricating sac inflammation) or a meniscal tear ( the meniscus is the cartilage that connects your thighbone to your shinbone) .

A minimal possibility would be knee osteoarthritis( over the years and when we get older ,some people experience cartilage loss and degeneration , without that cushion ,the joints rub against the other producing mild to severe pain ).

What you could do in the meantime, is applying ice pads ,elevate your legs , continue taking your anti-inflammatory medication and use a thigh elastic bandage ( which you can get over the counter ) to wrap your thigh and knee . That usually works ,if the pain does not improve within 3 days , You should consult your doctor for a further medical evaluation .

In your case like you are going to Mexico on Tuesday where you do not have medical care and You will not be here , although I do not think you need a corticosteroid injection right now , it would better to consult your doctor tomorrow if the pain does not get better by the end of the day .

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