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Red bumps on penis head, recent type one outbreak

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I am a 26 year old healthy male. I recently had a primary herpes outbreak. At first the doctor thought it was canker sores but then I developed swollen glands, fever, mouth and gum sores and botXXXXX XXXXXp sores. It took about 2 weeks for it to clear up. I had a blood test and it came back as negative for everything and that I'm healthy. I got a swab test back today and that was positive for herpes (swab from a lip sore). My doctor had already told me it was herpes so I was expecting that result. Meanwhile since the outbreak started I've had this smallish rash on my front thighs that seems to flare up and can be painful. I thought this was a heat rash as I work outdoors and it's being very hot lately (35 degrees celsius+). And over the past week I've noticed very small red bumps on the head of my penis. There was just one or two and they have increased since then. They are not painful at all. I've being on penicillin this whole time as the first doctor thought it was just a virus, not herpes. When my doctor realised what it was he prescribed famciclovir but it was a little late in the outbreak. Basically i'm wondering if the primary herpes type 1 outbreak I had could somehow cause these tiny bumps on my penis head? or the extended use of penicillin? I'm worried as the doctor said it was type one herpes but then what are these damn bumps and rash?? I have a picture I can attach of my leg rash and the penis head.



911Doctor :

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911Doctor :

this looks like herpes. both pictures.

911Doctor :

the penicillin is not what you need, you need to be on an extended suppressive course of famcyclovir or acyclovir, perhaps a month long course.

911Doctor :

The first picture especially shows classic herpetic lesions. Harder to say re the head of the penis, but likely the same.

911Doctor :

Since you have culture proven herpes and the pictures look like it as well, you need to be on the long term therapy for now.

911Doctor :

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thanks for your reply.


so would this be type 1 or type 2 or both? i dont believe the swab tells between types and since the blood test was negative for both types i'm a little unsure.


does this mean im contagious in the thigh/penis area or my entire body still? i dont want to infect my partner. this is stressing me out alot mainly because i thought it was type 1 and then this happened.


I believe that this is herpes. if so, you are contagious until the rash completely resolves.


the difference between type 1 and type 2 is so small that no doctors bother about the differentiation.


if this is a first outbreak then your blood test would be expected to be negative because it only measures antibodies to the virus and it takes some time for those to show up in the blood. the culture is the gold standard test, and since it was positive, unfortunately, this is herpes.


only the areas involved with the rash are contagious, and herpes is spread by direct contact.




If you have further questions about this for me please do ask. If I have answered well please do leave positive feedback.



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