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I have had drug interactions before that caused tremors until

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I have had drug interactions before that caused tremors until cause discovered. Happening again. Give me an educated guess at what may be causing this I will see a doctor if the tremors do not stop. Rx I take are :

Potassium CL 20MEQ ER (1 per day)
Edarbi 40MG (1 per day)
Buproprion XL 300MG (1 per day)
Furosemide (80 MG in morn/40 MG nite)
The views expressed by me are for educational purposes only and do not establish a doctor patient relationship.

Thanks for your question.
Bupropion XL can precipitate tremors as a side effect.
This can be experienced any time even if you are on this medication for a while.
Discontinuation of the medication resolves the issue.
Another possibility can be benign essential tremor.
This is not due to any serious neurological problem.
This often responds to the beta blocker like propranolol.
Parkinson's disease or any other neuro degenerative disorder is another possibility.
Usually, unstable gait, problem with fine motor skills are also experienced with parkinson's or other serious neurological conditions.

Please discuss with a neurologist.

Best wishes
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Could this possibly be remedied by lowering Buproprion amount or returning to Buproprion SR?
Yes that is possible.
can be tried first before discontinuation.

Best wishes
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