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Hello, I am a college student but I only smoke about once

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I am a college student but I only smoke about once every month at most. However, On Saturday I decided to smoke with my friends. This was really strong medical marijuana that I am normally not used to. I was smoking a lot of it and after my high was starting to come on I accidentally choked on a piece of tar and I began gasping for air. It happened while I was getting high so I started to freak out and everything was distorted and it felt like a got an adrenaline rush but I could be mistaking. Then about 30 minutes later I thought I felt my throat closing up and I got really pale but it was probably just marijuana induced paranoia and anxiety because I was still talking with my friends and obviously not choking anymore. So I went outside to cool off and I couldn't sit still so I paced back and forth for what seemed like two hours but my friends told me that it was only thirty minutes at most. During this time I felt really anxious and thought I was dying and I could hear my heart beat really fast. After that I seemed fine and everything seemed normal and I hung out with my friends for a couple of more hours then I went to bed. We smoked around at about 8:30pm and I went to bed at about 2-3am. Then the next day I woke up and seemed really anxious and really nervous all day. I went to dinner at about 6:15pm and I was waiting in line to get food and I got really excited because we were having my favorite meal so my heart began to race again and for a second I started to get tunnel vision but I snapped out of it and walked it off and wasn't really hungry and couldn't finish my dinner. I called my parents after dinner but could not really talk to them for long because I was getting so anxious for what felt like no reason. So then I watched a comedy movie for the rest of the night and went to bed. But it took me a while to fall asleep because I felt like I had an important event coming up the next day that I was really nervous for. I woke up the next day and got breakfast but could not really finish it cause I was not that hungry so I barely ate half of it. And now I'm still moderately anxious but I also have an exam tomorrow that I still have to study a lot for so that could be part of my anxiety too. But it still seems like I am much more anxious then I really should be.

Should I go to the ER or will these effects fade within a couple of days?
Hi--just a couple of questions here--no one else had the same reaction to the weed?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No just me so I know that it was just weed and it was not laced with anything.

OK--this isn't that unusual an event and it can happen even with people that only occasionally smoke grass--you don't have to be a long-term, daily smoker to have it happen. You don't need the ER and it should resolve in a few days but I would suggest seeing a doctor soon just to be checked out and to see if a short term use of some Valium is warranted
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Also when I went to dinner the next day and I felt excited to get food and my heart started to race and I got tunnel vision for a second was that an unset of a panic attack? And was THC still effecting my body at the time or has too much time passed? Also should I avoid stimulants(caffeine mostly) for the next couple of days?

Yes that was anxiety/panic attack--the symptoms are from hyperventilation and a change in the pH of the blood. The reaction you had later wasn't from the THC still being in your system. Yes, for now I'd avoid caffeine
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Also when I went back to that dinning hall today again before dinner 4:30 pm sunday, I felt really uneasy and it was hard to concentrate and before coming to the dinning hall I was pretty hungry but after getting my food I was not hungry at all. So could the dinning hall setting be causing the anxiety as well?

Probably not but in an anxiety state a crowded setting could aggravate things
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

If I have an exam tomorrow morning should I try to see a doctor today so that the doctor can determine if I would be able to take the exam and if not prescribe me Valium or would I most likely feel better tomorrow?

I don't think seeing a doctor today would help much--just go ahead and take the exam
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