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Dr. Chip
Dr. Chip, Doctor (MD)
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hi doc how are you. well doc i moved down to the 300 and up

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hi doc how are you. well doc i moved down to the 300 and up to 312 after 2 days and god i have been all over the place, ok the first day then 2 realy bad days and yesterday thank god felt the anti d and did pretty ok think i have a bit of a cold , totally feel as though this is right amt doc but im bobbling all over the place and it feels very unsettling , will it iron out soon doc on 5th day now just hope it give s me bit more stability soon as i seem to be goiing little to hi then anxious then tired then up and back ok. its just scary cause of all the moving but i know it should come good soon just need reasurrance doc, plenty of light just not stable
So Peter this isn't like it was when you thought you were going through serotoinin syndrome?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

no doc not at all ive been in a horrible place of not knowing how i was the last 4 weeks or so and it has been quite alarming for me , but yesterday thank god i felt the anti d starting to hellp me like hold me up from ruminating and down anxious mood and yesterday was pretty good think i got bit of a cold last night and am more unstable today . the world looks like a lot nicer place again but im still a bit alarmed and im bobling about and its unnerving me not sure am i tired or want to get going and feel fear as a high now not as a depleted anxiety which is more natural im sure, feels more lke things should be , i just hope i stabalise bit better soon doc i am super sensitive so i know it will take time now but i hope to get my confidance back soon so i know all will be ok, and no not like seretonin symdrome just bobing of anxiety or fear and energy but that should balance i hope, what you think doc , i think its good news for us hope you do too

It is good news Peter and now I think you're finally on the correct dosage. The important thing for now is not to overdo yourself--eat, rest, do some walking, talk to friends, but don't get too physical and don't push the envelop. I think we're there, my friend, but keep me updated.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok doc and the highs and the anxiety will balance out , have bit of nausea and am bit restlesss too in and out but should all that iron out doc

Yes, those will balance out--give it a little time
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