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i want to get a tattoo and want it to be painless is lidoderm

Customer Question

i want to get a tattoo and want it to be painless is lidoderm a good remedy for pain with tattoos? ive tried numbing creams but they only last around 30 minutes whats the best solution
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  S. A. Abbott replied 4 years ago.
I've had a fascination with tattoos all my life, given a largely military family where most of the men sported artwork. And it really can be quite artistic.

As you obviously know there isn't a fully 'painless' method and the lidocaine or similar cream is as close as you're going to get, BUT yes there is a 'trick' to make the cream application more effective

Enter this into your address bar to view the video that takes you through it


The enterprising young man is clearly trying to advertise his own brand of lidocaine cream (in truth, ANY brand will work), but the plastic wrap option convincingly makes the numbing effect more efficient


As most people do, start with something small. A design about an inch square to begin, and on a fleshy part of skin not where tendons, muscles or bone are close to the surface, is a good 'test' or starting point.

Some people bring a small cooler of ice in a soft material like a cotton sock and arrange with the artist to stop, apply the ice for a minute or two over the next area and then proceed while it's 'frozen' and use the ice on areas that feel particularly 'hot' during the procedure.

Tattooing pain is a 'hot' pain, not a bruising type pain. The ice is nice.

Good luck!

Expert:  wieyedoc replied 4 years ago.
Hi. I am online and available to assist you. I noticed that your expert has opted out and is no longer able to help you.

I have reviewed the thread above and noticed that your have also. Is there anything further that I can do to assist you?

Expert:  Chris C. replied 4 years ago.
Acquiring a tattoo, by its very nature of a needle puncturing the skin in quick succession, is going to hurt. But you can cut down on that pain with several tips that will help you get a painless, permanent tattoo. Mindset is the big one. If you go into the tattoo shop thinking you are going to be in agony, you most likely will be. You can use some tricks and tips to help you get a painless, permanent tattoo.
Pick a fleshy area. Tattoos done on the hips, thighs and buttocks are going to hurt less than those done on sensitive areas without a lot of padding. Some of the most painful spots include the lower back, inner arm, and other areas without much muscle but a lot of bone.

Choose a simple design. The larger and more elaborate your design, the longer the tattoo is going to take and the more pain you will feel. This is just common sense. Shading a tattoo is also more intense than simply lining one, so you may want to pick line art only without any shading involved.

Get your mind ready. Once you’ve decided on a fleshy area and a simple tattoo, start preparing your mind. Tell yourself nightly, daily and even hourly, if you have to, that tattoos are beautiful and getting one is something that you can handle. The sensation is more like an annoying massage than anything else.

Talk to the artist. Tell her that you fear the pain but your desire for a tattoo outweighs it--kind of. If that tattoo artist knows you are in a delicate state, a good one will work with you, take breaks when necessary, and do whatever she can to help you feel the most comfortable during the process.

Meditate. Once you’re in the tattoo seat, close your eyes and breathe deeply for eight inhales and exhales before you begin. Continue the deep breathing, concentrating solely on your breath and nothing else. Try to block out everything else. Tell yourself that this process is temporary and that you can handle it. It will be over soon.
Treat the tattoo with care afterwords. Don't bang it, bump it, get it sun-burnt or otherwise ask it to give you more pain. Watch out for dogs that like to jump on you because they will inevitably find the spot where you just go a new tattoo. Ouch.

This is the product I have recommended before to people afraid of the pain. This seems to work the best and is long lasting without having to wrap, etc. and it is cheap. This formula normally last 60 minutes or more and can be reapplied if needed for longer tattoo sessions.

This formula of 5% Lidocaine, 4% Tetracaine and Benzocaine can obtain numbing results in as little as 60 minutes depending on skin thickness(leaving it longer will result in better numbing). No wrapping or covering to require numbing using this formula (but can give faster results and deep penetration)