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I kept trying to send a reply. Dont know what happened. 1.

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I kept trying to send a reply. Don't know what happened.

1. I called the ER - didn't think they would answer any questions. They said within 72 hours was fine. Do you have a reference for the 12-hour interval?

2. Still confused about the initial 3 shot series. If I didn't have the initial shot series but only had a booster 9 years ago, would the booster or the series be recommended? (Or is the first shot of the series the same as the booster?) They give TDAP, and don't have access to any databases.

I am sorry, it seems there is a bug on the site which may prevent the replies occasionally.

1) The page I gave you link say that in a contaminated wound, the vaccination is advised in 6 hours or earliest.

2) I am quite sure that you must have been given three shots in childhood. So a single booster is good.

Let us assume that you had just a booster 9 years ago and not the three serial vaccination. The three shots would be advised and first shot is part of the three shots. so you would require two more for the completion.

It is privilege assisting you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So if I had not received the 3-shot series in childhood, the first shot of that series is the same as what they give for the booster? (In other words, if I go to ER and get a booster, and find out tomorrow that I didn't have the initial series in childhood, can I just follow up with 2 more shots?)

Yes, only 2 more shots would be good if there was no vaccination (o the same vaccine which is given to you). If vaccination was done, only one shot would be good enough.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I'm still a little confused by your reply. The first shot in the initial series of 3 is the same thing (same strength, dose, etc.) as the booster? So if I get teh booster and find out I didn't have the initial 3 shot series, I will just followup with 2 more shots?

Yes, it is same thing. And you would require same two shots if childhood vaccination was not done.
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