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Dr. Saha
Dr. Saha, Doctor (MD)
Category: Health
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My oldest son went to take a shower and afterwards about 20

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My oldest son went to take a shower and afterwards about 20 minutes later he started itching and got these bumps on his stomach and back and waist line. We gave him Benadryl and an oatmeal bath. No fever. What is this

Dr. Saha :


Dr. Saha :

Welcome to Just Answer.

Dr. Saha :

How old is he?

Customer: 12
Dr. Saha :

Did he use any new soap, lotion?

Customer: No
Dr. Saha :

How large are the bumps?

Customer: Vary from 1/4 inch. Some little bigger some smaller
Dr. Saha :

His symptoms seem to be due to an allergy.

Dr. Saha :

The cause is often not apparent.

Customer: They are just on his stomach aides and middle of his back. Not face arms or legs
Dr. Saha :

How is he feeling now?

Customer: Still little itchy. I put cortisone 10 on him
Dr. Saha :

The distribution of itching can vary. Did he take any new food?

Dr. Saha :

When did you give benadryl?

Customer: He had some shrimp at dinner. He had never had that kind of shrimp before at this place. It was within about 3 hours of eating
Customer: About an our ago
Dr. Saha :

Shrimp is often a cause of allergy. Symptoms can appear after a few hours.

Dr. Saha :

I hope benadryl & cortisone would help to reduce the symptoms.

Dr. Saha :

You can repeat benadryl after 6 hours.

Customer: How long should this take to go away? At what point is he to be seen by a doctor
Dr. Saha :

As the itching is decreasing, you can wait. If those do not help, please get him checked by doctor. He may need prescription grade antihistamine, steroid then.

Customer: On his shoulder it looks like a blotchy rash.
Dr. Saha :

As he is not having fever, it is unlikely to be due to other causes like viral rash, Henoch Schonlein etc.

Dr. Saha :

How large is that blotchy rash?

Customer: 2 orXXXXX/span>
Dr. Saha :

Those can also be from allergy.

<span class="JA_chatAuthorName"Customer: We have triamcinolone cream
Dr. Saha :

You have already used cortisone 10.

Customer: Is this something we could try next
Dr. Saha :

Triamcinolone Is more potent. If the bumps persist you can use it.

Dr. Saha :

Let him go to sleep.

Customer: Okay thank you
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