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31 year old female Flu on 1/1 1 week after the flu went away

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31 year old female
Flu b on 1/1
1 week after the flu went away I had a severe headache for 3 weeks and I was bedridden. Ive never had a headache before. Ive been running. Low grade fever since the flu. Mri of head was normal except for retention cysts. Wbc has been elevated for 2 months. Along with mono and leukocytes being abnormal. Kidney function is high at 144. I had a indium scan amd ct of abdomen and chest and a cardiac sonogram. Also had a lung xray. And lots of blood tests. Could I have cancer?


Welcome to Just Answer.

How high is the leukocytes count?

Did you have bone marrow study?

Did you have any treatment?

Is there any previous disease?

Thank you.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The dr gave me tamiflu even though my flu test was positive 2 months earlier. I have a hypothyroid that has been checked and checked. Also my glucose has been running high. I forgot to mention I also had a spinal tap.

How high is the leukocytes count?
Did you have bone marrow study?
Did you have any other treatment?
Was the spinal tap normal?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

the only blood test I have with me is from last month. My baso was 0.0 and my neut was 7.4. I was admitted to the hospital last week for 5 daysfor high wbc of 18000 due partly im sure because I had been on steroids for the last 3 days before. The next day they went down to 11. I had no fever for 3 days. On the 3rd day my temp went up to 100, I felt terrible and they checked my wbc again and it was 14 but they also said the wbc could have gone up due to extreme stress because I was very uncomftorable hot and anxious during the day the fever came back. I felt like on fire . Spinal tap was normal and I have not had a bone marrow study. im awaiting a rheumatological panel that should be in wednesday.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry the leukocytes on these are normal on these. I need the more current ones but cant get them until monday

Thank you Amber, for the information,
From your history, it seems that doctors are thinking about a hidden infection.
In some cases, it is difficult to find the site of infection.
A small abscess or a focus of infection in bone, abdomen, under the diaphragm or a subacute endocarditis of heart can be difficult to find out.
So doctors are taking different tests including scan.
Indium scan is taken to show areas of inflammation or infection.
Tagged white blood cells are used.
These cells get concentrated in areas of inflammation or infection.
It is usually used to find out areas of hidden infection like in bone, abdomen if they are not apparent.
It is not used for cancer.
Your white cell count is not very high & it coming down sometimes near to normal level.
It is sometimes very difficult to find out the cause of fever after extensive testing.
Connective tissue diseases, rheumatoid diseases can cause rise of temperature.
So your doctor is sending to rheumatologist.
I will be happy to assist, if you need any further clarification.
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Please click on REPLY TO EXPERT, if you have further questions. You can ask for details even after pressing button for 4 / 5 rating / smiley face/ ACCEPT.
Best Wishes.
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