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Dr. Saha
Dr. Saha, Doctor (MD)
Category: Health
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My gf and I had unprotected sex for the first time

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Hello. My gf and I had unprotected sex for the first time yesterday. And it hurt since she is near her period. I noticed a open sore on my penis just a few hours after sex. Is it an std? Im really scared :(
Dr. Saha :


Dr. Saha :

Welcome to Just Answer.

Dr. Saha :

How large is the sore?

Customer: Hello.
Customer: Its about an inch long
Dr. Saha :

Please enter reply.

Customer: Im uncircumsized and its on my foreskin
Dr. Saha :

Where in the foreskin exactly?

Customer: near the head.
Customer: About an inch away when its rolled back
Dr. Saha :

After how many hours did it develop?

Dr. Saha :

Did you feel pain during sex?

Customer: We finished around ten thirty am. and i checked when it wad about ten at night
Customer: There was pain. shes close to her period and she was tighter
Dr. Saha :

It is likely to be due to a trauma.

Customer: we had sex for about an hour and a half
Dr. Saha :

STD would not come up in a few hours.

Dr. Saha :

It takes sometime to develop.

Customer: I read about a few days with some std's
Dr. Saha :

When you had pain during sex, there can be a trauma.

Customer: the sore doesnt hurt or anything. and its just the area around it that does.
Dr. Saha :


Dr. Saha :

But when it is an inch long, you should get an examination by doctor.

Dr. Saha :

You can apply neosporin antibacterial cream.

Customer: Ok. is it extremely serious.
Dr. Saha :


Dr. Saha :

But it can get infected from contamination.

Customer: Ok. is it also normal for the open area to be white.
Customer: well whiter than skin
Dr. Saha :

Doctor can check it & prescribe medicine to prevent it.

Dr. Saha :

Yes, the area can appear whiter.

Customer: Ok, so its very unlikely and probably just trauma.
Customer: this makes me feel much better. because i have had unprotected sex just once before and it was with my ex
Dr. Saha :

It is likely to be from trauma.

Dr. Saha :

Please do not worry much.

Dr. Saha :
If you are satisfied with the answer, please leave an excellent rating..

Good luck.

Customer: Ty very much and i will do so.
Dr. Saha :

You are always welcome.

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