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I have got a blue tongue and I also have Lichen sclerosus, I

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I have got a blue tongue and I also have Lichen sclerosus, I ate a cottage pie last night which should have been cooked in the oven but I put in microwave by mistake and have upset stomach all night.
Welcome to Just Answer.
Did you have vomiting/ diarrhea?
Can you tell the recipe of pie you have taken?
Which part of the tongue is blue?
Do you feel any respiratory distress?
Do you have any previous heart/ lung issue?
Is there any other previous disease?
Thank you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

all my tongue is blue. no vomiting no diarrhea but have been to toilet a few times.

have under active thyroid gland

have got the wrapper for the meal

no other health issues

Hello again,
Do you feel any breathing difficulty?
How is the color of lips, gum?
How many times did you pass stool and urine?
How is stool color?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

no breathing problems

lips and gums normal

stool colour normal

a few times

Thank you for the information,
Blue color of tongue can occur in cyanosis.
It occurs when the oxygen level in the blood gets less.
This usually occur in lungs & heart conditions.
When you do not have such diseases & you do not feel any breathing difficulty, this is unlikely to be cyanosis.
Food can cause blue color which you may not have noticed earlier.
If the pie is not well cooked or kept in warm condition for several hours, food poisoning / stomach upset can occur.
As there is no respiratory distress, you can wait to see whether it improves itself.
Take plenty of fluid to prevent dehydration.
If the color persists or if you develop any shortness of breath or other symptom, I would suggest to take an examination by doctor.
I will be happy to assist, if you need any further clarification.
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Please click on REPLY TO EXPERT, if you have further questions. You can ask for details even after pressing button for 4 / 5 rating / smiley face/ ACCEPT.
Best Wishes.
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