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When can I consider that I am no longer contagious? I just

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When can I consider that I am no longer contagious? I just took the final antibiotic for my pneumonia. I'm still coughing up phlegm and am weaker than I would like, but I'd like to know if I still have to wear a mask when I'm with other people. I'll continue to rest, rest, rest until I feel less tired.
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Thanks for your question.
As long as you have productive cough, you should wear the face mask to avoid transmitting the disease.
Pneumonia bug transmits by the droplets from coughing.
Although you finished your antibiotic course, there is still some risk of disease transmission.
Sometimes, cough may be viral infection related which does not respond to antibiotics, but gets better by itself gradually over time.
Once your cough subsides, then you do not need to wear any mask.
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very welcome
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