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A month ago I fell while skiing and hurt my arm.It was

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A month ago I fell while skiing and hurt my arm.It was painful to pull my hand in the first days after the incident,but then I could move the hand more and more no matter of the pain.Now it still hurts me,I have the feeling ,it's something wrong with the muscle of the arm,not the bones.Now a month later,the pain moved down the hand,to the elbow,but still have it up,on arm,too.I haven't visited a doctor,I think it's nothing broken,but definitely it's something wrong as it doesn't pass a night when I don't wake up from the pain in my hand.What do you think the problem could be and a solution?I'm 41 years old and never had anything broken.


Neck stiffness?

Numbness and tingling sensation in arm?

Which arm is involved?

Swelling in forearm?

What's your occupation?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Well nothing of the above appears.Only pain in the right arm ,the pain moved a little down-close to the elbow,this is down from the hurt place,but still have it up,too.A little pain on the back ,from the right side and this is all.The pain is sharper when I pull hand up,but not unresistable.I worry,long time have been passed since the incident ,I'm a little better,but most of the sympthoms remain from the beginning.Could it be a torn muscle or stretched ligament? Nothing is swelling,nothing looks wrong from behind.

Thanks for providing more information.

Possible differential diagnosis causing radiating pain in arm,hand include Nerve compression most likely in the neck but could also be at the shoulder level,Carpel tunnel syndrome.

An MRI of the neck should be done.

You shouldn't ignore your symptoms and make an appointment with an Orthopedist for a clinical examination.

You can do massage with muscle relaxant on affected area.

It may be possible that poor sleeping posture can be a aggravating factor.

Avoid activities that require you to keep your arm bent for long periods of time.
If you use a computer frequently, make sure that your chair is not too low.

Do not rest your elbow on the armrest.
Keep your elbow straight at night when you are sleeping.

Try elbow or wrist splint.

Physical therapy can be effective.

Hope this helps.
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