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Dr. Charles
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My wife, 71, suffers from frequent and severe pains in the

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My wife, 71, suffers from frequent and severe pains in the head - vertex pain, back of head and back of neck pains, ear and temporomandibular joint pain and eye and eyebrow pains. She also has what she describes as the same sounds and feelings in the ear as one gets when flying. These are partially relieved by paracetamol. She also gets relief from a masseuse. A neck scan shows "wear and tear". A recent visit to the maxillofacial department resulted in a diagnosis of TMD, but she appears to have few if any of the symptoms for that diagnosis.

She has been suffering from all this since last May.

Any thoughts, please, on the cause, and possible treatment?

Dear customer,

I am Dr.Charles and I'm happy to help with your question today
.I need the following information from you,so that I can provide
you the complete & best answer:

Is she overweight?

Does she have vertigo or dizziness?

Is there any other known medical illness?

I am online and is waiting for your reply.

Kind Regards-
Dr. Charles

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Overweight - yes, 11st 7lbs height 5ft 4ins

Vertigo - no longer as she received successful treatment for BPPV a year ago

No other medical illness other than occasional bouts of IBS

Muscular pains in the leg, possibly due to statins, but not diagnosed.


(Great difficulty in getting anything diagnosed!!)


Thanks for the valuable info you had given.I've taken a close look at your question & the reply and come up with the following answer:

The symptoms your wife is having can be due to cervical spondylitis and/or spondylosis.It is most likely caused by age-related changes in the intervertebral disks.It is generally caused by the compression of spinal nerves. Any compromise of the nerve space in the spinal column can lead to compression of the nerve endings and can cause the pain & other symptoms.

This occurs because of lumbar radiculopathy,spinal disc herniation,wear and tear or degeneration of the discs. Being overweight is a common cause of this.

She need following tests:


-Nerve conduction studies,

-Certain blood tests,

-Electro physiological studies

-Nerve conduction velocity (NCV)

Treatment includes soft cervical collar, analgesics,anti-inflammatory, local heat, possibly traction , and isometric exercises.

Exact diagnosis can only be made after physical & clinical examination.So I advice for your wife to make an appointment with her ortho doctor for these tests & examination to know the exact cause & then treatment will be done accordingly.

Till than she can take tab. Ibuprofen 400mg from the counter. It is available as OTC(over the counter) without prescription & will help you greatly.

Hope this helped

Your satisfaction is my prime goal and I'm happy to answer any follow-up questions you may have.Please feel free to ask if you have any other question.

Thank you for using again just answer website.

Kind Regards-
Dr Charles

Dr. Charles and 5 other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Doctor Charles,


Very many thanks indeed. We do feel that your diagnosis is exactly right and we wonder why we have been unable to get this diagnosis from our doctor and from the maxillofacial "experts".


We will now try to get the tests you suggest. Fingers crossed!


Kind regards,



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