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Susan Ivy
Susan Ivy, Nurse (RN)
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Hello and thank you for your time. I woke up this morning with

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Hello and thank you for your time. I woke up this morning with a hard bump on the right Occipital...probably the gland. Our family has been fighting (and losing) battles with colds since November and I had mild viral bronchitis over the December holidays. The bump is hard and only hurts when I touch it. I did not hurt my head in any way. Should I go in to have this looked at immediately or am I overreacting. I have two children, 7 and 5 who are still coughing from colds but are otherwise completely back to their energetic selves! :) Thank you for any advice.

Thank you for using JustAnswer Health.

Are you able to measure or estimate the size of the bump? For example, is it 1 cm, pea sized, penny sized, etc?

When you say hard, is it 'spongy' at all, for example, can you press on it and it has some 'give'? Or is it quite hard?

If you could just provide this detail I can give you a better recommendation as to whether you can watch it for a week or so, or whether you should go get it checked right away.
Also, I forgot to mention, does it seem to be movable, or does it seem firmly attached to the tissue underneath it?
Hi. Again. I'm afraid you did not see my reply above. If the lymph node is hard, and not movable, it would be a good idea to check with your doctor. Since it is tender (this is a good sign) it is likely just very enlarged or inflammed lymph node. This occurs when the immune system is activated, as you likely know, but occasionally the lymph node can become inflammed itself. Usually one can wait 2 weeks to see if they resolve before seeing a health care provider for evaluation. But if it is very hard, it would be a good idea to get it checked earlier, just to be certain that it is not a malignancy (again, very rare, and usually are not tender, usually larger than 1.5 cm.

Please reply if you have any further questions so that I can help you until you are satisfied with your answer.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello Susan Ivy,


Thank you so much for the quick response! It is compact but I can push into it a little. I can move it around a little and again it is only tender if I touch it. My instinct is that it is an inflamed lymph node. We are still dealing with some sniffles here.


I appreciate your suggestions and I will see how it feels in the beginning of next week and will go in and see someone if I am uncomfortable about it. I have just never woken up to find something like this before!


Thank you again for your time!


Thank you for your patience, l had to leave the computer for a moment. Glad to hear it is movable and not extremely hard. It should resolve, although sometimes a lymph gland will remain palpable if it breaks (many years), and still not be a problem. Yet still if it does not resolve in a week or two, it would be a good idea to have it examined.
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