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My wife first day of her last menstruation was December

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Hi, my wife first day of her last menstruation was December 15th,2012. We did two home pregnancy test on January 15th,2013 and it was positive. We did a sonogram today and the doctor could see anything in the Uterus. We came back home today and did 2 more home pregnancy test and they were still positive. How far long do you think she is? She said saw spotting of blood but a only when she wipes on different days. The color of the blood is brownish. She doesn't see them anymore. However as I mentioned earlier we did two home pregnancy test and it came out positive today. We did a blood test and we will get the results tomorrow.
How far along is she?
Do you think she miscarriage?
Why didn't the sonogram (external and internal examination) picked up anything?
Hi there and thank you for the question. I am a Registered Nurse and will be happy to help you today.
The next step the MD made after the sonogram was blood work to see what (or if) her HCG level was. HCG is the hormone that the developing placenta makes when a woman is pregnant. That will help determine things. Bare in mind that a positive pregnancy test could still show positive several weeks after a miscarriage (as the HCG is still in the body but on the decline). So if she was very early pregnant and miscarried (show of blood), that might be why the pregnancy test is still positive. What that said, right now it's a little too soon to tell what has happened (if anything). If you two are wanting to be pregnant, I hope that the HCG level will prove that she still is. The pregnancy age or timing really doesn't have anything to do with the sonogram other than the fetus is so small, it may not be picked up on sonogram yet - which may be the case. I will say that the show of blood may also have been implantation bleeding or just normal bleeding on it's own. Spotting or even bleeding during pregnancy can be normal as long as the Dr knows about it and has checked her out. So, good luck with the blood work and tell her to try and not stress out too bad....that is not good for her either.
Reply back if I can help further.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

If she miscarried, would the blood test still show that she is pregnant? If the HCG levels is high but nothing can be seen in the uterus via the Sonogram, does that mean we have to wait some more weeks? or is there something wrong?

Hi there The HCG levels will be coming down if she has miscarried....meaning, if hers is higher than the normal range, (which I'm sure it will be since she is getting a + on the home pregnancy tests), they will wait a week and repeat the blood HCG level. If nothing is seen on the sonogram, it is either too early to see anything (if by chance the date of conception is off) or there is nothing there. So, they will look at the big picture (sonogram, HCG levels, and her history) to make a determination. Unfortunately, in cases where the patient bleeds, the pregnancy tests are positive and nothing is seen in utero, a little more time needs to pass in order to make the call. But if I had to speculate as to what will happen next, the Dr will review the HCG levels and look at how far along she is supposed to be, and either make the call then (that she is or is not pregnant) and then repeat the HCG level and sonogram in about a week. Your wife's last menstrual period was December 15th, she would be 7 weeks and 5 days....but this is calculating it if she has a 28 day cycle and ovulation on day 14...sometimes that doesn't happen. But at 7 weeks along or even 6 weeks, they should have seen a fetus. I'm a little concerned that she may have miscarried since the ultrasound is clear but she is still having the + pregnancy tests. Like I said before, the pregnancy tests will show positive for sometimes 4-6 weeks after a miscarriage because these levels will go down slowly.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So as of now, even if the HCG test is high, it might be on its way down, so there is no way to determine if she really miscarried until it is compared to a second test.

Well, if they go by the sonogram, she has miscarried but the HCG will most likely be a key player in the outcome. Yes, if she miscarried, the HCG may be elevated but it will be on it's way down - hence the need for the repeat HCG blood test in about a week. No, no real way to know at this point if she has miscarried....that's why the Dr is doing the HCG level. Usually that holds a lot of information.
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