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I suffer off and on with allergies (although I've tested

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I suffer off and on with allergies (although I've tested negative for them) and there is little in the way of medication to bring relief. Recently, my wife brought home an abandoned cat, and now my allergies have gone through the roof.
Needless to say, the family is now attached to the new kitty and I'm in the dog house. Is it possible to keep the house clean enough from cat dander so that we can peacefully coexist? If not, once the cat is removed, how long will it take for my allergies to calm down?
Thanks for your help,

HI, Thanks for your question. My name is***** and I am here to help you today with your question. I will be happy to assist you with your follow up questions also. I need to know that when exactly the cat was brought to home? What treatment you have tried to get rid of allergy. I am asking because i need to confirm that its the cat and not anything else causing your allergies. Regards

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, the flareup in my symptoms definitely coincided with the cat's arrival. However, it's true that I suffer from allergies when a cat is not around as well, but the timing and severity of symptoms has me convinced it's the

cat. Can I get a test done at my doctor's to confirm it is indeed the cat?

I've tried all kinds of OTC allergy meds and nothing works.

Also, a question I'd really like answered is once the cat is gone, how long before my symptoms subside?

HI, Thanks for your reply. I am going to address your concerns separately but you can as anything after that.

Is it possible to keep the house clean enough from cat dander also that we can peacefully coexist?

I am sorry but it's very very difficult. almost impossible because dander can spead in the air and can go to any part of home. Moreover the first treatment of allergy and i would say the last also is to stay away from allergen So the cat has to be away from you. I am so sorry because i do understand your family concerns but for your safety and heath one has to go out and that will be the cat i guess :) There can be one more scenario that your current allergy might not be cat related, so if you can shift the cat to some friend's place (if possible) and see if this helps your symptoms. If it does then this will confirm that the cat is the cause and you can further act accordingly.

If not, once the cat is removed, how long will it take for my allergies to calm down?

It can take two weeks or more because the cat dander will take sometime to get cleaned. However you will start feeling better in three to four days prvided the cause is cat. Yes your doctor can check you fr cat allergy but you need to see an allergist for that.

I would like to share with you a home remedy for allergy which works in most of the people. Mix one tablespoon of black pepper and one tablespoon of ginger extract in a mall bottle of honey. Make solution and take one table spoon twice daily.

I wish you good luck that you get well soon, please ask if you have any question because our discussion always remains open so you can always ask more and I will be glad to assist you. Your excellent feedback is requested and will be appreciated, regards.

Dr. Hasan and 3 other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for your answers. I will try the home remedy and get tested by an allergist.

You don't happen to want a (very sweet, well-behaved) cat do you? :)

Thanks again,


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