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An acquaintance turned me on to a diet product called Plexus

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An acquaintance turned me on to a diet product called Plexus Slim. It is supposed to be "all natural". It is a pink powder you put in a bottle of water and drink once (or maybe twice) per day. There is also an "accelerator" pill. It is sold through a MLM pyramid, I guess you could call it. Anyway, everyone swears by it, that is selling it! :) I took it for a few days and then my right hand started falling asleep, esp. @ night; one morning I woke up and my left hand did same. That is when I decided to quit drinking the pink drink (I never took the accelerator pill). But my friend who was selling it claims it is all natural so no way could it be harmful to take. She swears that she took it to two of her doctors and they both approved it. I'd like for a health professional to google it and give me their opinion; specifically, if it could be causing my hand tingling. I'd **love** to take it, but certainly not at the risk of potential harm. Please advise. Thanks!
Dr. David :

Hello. I Googled the Plexus Slim product that you mentioned. On of the sweeteners in the formula is called Stevia leaf. Although it is a natural product from a plant, it has been associated with possible side-effects such as feelings of numbness and body aches. If you experienced feelings of you your hand falling asleep or tingling sensations in your hand, these could possibly be caused by the Stevia. The other ingredients in Plexus Slim do not have the symptoms you listed mentioned as part of there possible side effects. However, it is certainly possible that your body is reacting in some way to the formula as a whole or to one of the ingredients or fillers. Personally, I believe there are healthier methods for losing weight besides "diet products". For example, eliminating sugar and wheat products from the diet can result is noticable weight loss within a short time for most people. Also adding just a bit of exercise can be a big part of an effective weight loss program. Dr. David

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Interesting! I probably am on stevia overload as in addition to the pink drink, I add it (truvia) to my ice tea and some other things I eat. I agree, exercise and food choices lead to weight loss - normally - however, once a woman passes menopause, we need all the help we can get. I should mention I had carpal tunnel on my right hand and I am right handed 20 years ago and wore a brace for a while. When I overuse my Ipad, I can tell it is flaring up. It was when my left hand fell asleep that I thought that was strange and quit the pink drink. If a patient brought Plexus Slim into your office and wanted to take it, what would you say to them? Thank you so much!

You are welcome. The ingredients in the Pink Drink seem to be OK, other than the Stevia which I will admit to having a slight bias against. It also seems like a convenient thing to take because it is a powder that makes a sweet drink that looks pretty. Overall it seems like a fashionable and aesthetic way to possibly lose weight.
I would certainly never prescribe this for any of my patients. But if a patient brought the Plexus Slim into my office and told me that they wanted to take it, I would have to say that it does not look as dangerous as some of the other weight loss supplements that are currently on the market.
I suppose that if a person was having a good result from taking the Plexus Slim and that they were not experiencing any negative side-effects, then it would be a worthwhile endeavor to take it for a time.
Green Coffee Beans and Raspberry Ketones are also popular weight loss supplements now-a-days. Having a thyroid evaluation for a possible hypothryroid condition is also worth investigating. Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) may also be something to look into.
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