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ive just had an mdi and the results are, as you know a bit

Customer Question

ive just had an mdi and the results are, as you know a bit complicated. it appears i have problems with 5 discs protrusions , narrowing of the spine and some nerves
being affected. my question, however is on the right side, same side as all the problems about 3-4 inches away from spine is swelling and in the middle is a lump that when pressed by dr. caused me great pain. after the appointment where she pressed and prodded my overall back pain got worse. this lump has me very concerned. who can diagnose it?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Sohaib replied 4 years ago.

Hello. Welcome to Just Answer and thank you for the question.

I am Dr. Sohaib, a Medical Internist (who deals with diseases of all the organ systems of body) and i will do my best to find an answer for you.


There are number of possibilities here.

This lump could be arising from the bone (if it is very hard), from muscles (if this is firm) or from the fats (if its soft to touch)---and this seems to be a most likely possibility.


The tumors arising from the fatty tissue are called Lipomas. These are benign tumors and do not require any kind of treatment at all unless they cause cosmetic disfigurement, or if they result in pain.


Your Primary Care Doctor can diagnose this with a simple clinical examination, and to be absolutely sure about the diagnosis, he can refer you to a surgeon for a needle biopsy from the mass/lump, and subjecting the specimen for a histopathological examination under the microscope will diagnose this with certainty.


At this point, if this is causing pain, you should have this examined by your doctor discussing all the details i have mentioned.

Lipoma can simply be excised/removed and this is a minor procedure.


Wish you good luck.

Kindest Regards.

It was a pleasure assisting you and i hope my answer was helpful. I will appreciate 5 Star Rating (Excellent Service) & a Bonus as this is the only way i get credit for my time & expertise. Do not hesitate to ask any follow up questions or clarifications any time.

I would have been worried too if i were at your place but let me reassure you that this is a treatable condition and carry a good prognosis with appropriate management.

Expert:  Dr. Cameron replied 4 years ago.
I was following your question
One thing that you may consider is getting an ultrasound of the lump. If it is painful where you press it, it is more likely to be a issue in the soft tissue- such as an inflammed cyst. Fatty tumors usually are not hard or painful.
Cancerous lesions are firm but nontender.
The ultrasound will guide the treatment and diagnosis of this..

Hang in there