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I went to the ER last Sunday with fever and bad body aches.

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I went to the ER last Sunday with fever and bad body aches. I tested negative for the flu, but the Dr thought it might still be the flu, so he prescribed tamiflu. I have been running fever all week (101 - 102 degrees), but also started getting head congestion on Tuesday and still have that.
My fever was down to normal yesterday, but my congestion was still a problem, so I went to a Dr yesterday and I tested negative for strep. I was not able to see a Dr, but instead was seen by a Nurse Practitioner. She told me that it was probably another virus on top of the flu virus that I had earlier in the week.
My fever came back this morning at about 100 degrees and still very congested. It is down in my chest now too, but its not loose yet. My question is whether I should go to a different Dr and ask for a cortisone shot or possibly antibiotics? It seems like this stuff and the fever is lasting longer than it should, especially since I have been on Tamiflu all week.
Brad--what are your symptoms now--you mentioned congestion?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

low grade fever now (99.6 - 100), and head and chest congestion. Wasnt sure why my fever is still around and also wondering if a shot of cortisone and / or antibiotics would help me get over this quicker.

OK--first off, even though Tamiflu is very effective, it doesn't always work on the flu and the flu can be an on again/off again thing over the course of one to two weeks. Antibiotics during this period won't do anything for that. That said, once you get the flu, then things like phayrngitis, bronchitis, even pneumonia can follow in some people. Unless you're having coughing and some wheezing, there'd be no indication for a cortisone injection. My suggestion for now is to hold on until Monday and if by then you aren't better, get rechecked, either where you were before or at a different office. Unless you have a real indication for antibiotics like an obvious ear infection, throat infection, or bronchitis, I personally wouldn't give them to you right now.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your answer. I don't believe that I have an ear infection or throat infection, but I am coughing some from the congestion in my chest. I am not wheezing but a little short of breath sometimes. It sounds like from your response then I will hold off a few more days and hoepfully get over this.



I usually don't prescribe antibiotics in something like your case unless symptoms have lasted for at least ten to fourteen days