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Hi--just came on
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok dr , i now have a new really scary worry. breast cancer. tell u why. well about twonyears ago i started to feel my left breast started to feel heavier so i did the self exam and felt not so much a lump but a hardening. so i went to my doctor she felt something too but told me it doesnt feel like a lump so she send me for a mammogram. i went had mammigram and ultrasound on both breasts. they told me no lumps no systs i do have fatty breasts. so they told me to come back for mamogram in ten years but for ultrasound every year. well indidnt go lastbyear. well now i feel same thing in the same breast same place

What exactly are you feeling and are you saying that you do regular self exams and just now noticed this as something new?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i dont regular but i do it sometimes , i feel my left breast again feeling heavier and when i do self exam closer to my armpit i feel hardening i felt same things then and was told no syst but fatty breasts. i dont have anybody in my family with any kind of cancer , never had

What do you mean by hardening--do you have lumpy bumpy breasts?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes i do have lumpy breasts. i do have annual in march but i am freaking out again. like i did before i had ekg i do it now again

Well it's probably the same as what you felt before--you have what's called fibrocystic breasts. That doesn't mean you are more likely to get breast cancer. Even if you are now feeing a lump, 95% of those are benign. Since I can't examine you you need to call your doctor and set up another ultrasound, but I'm sure it will be normal except for the fibrocystic changes
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

u know u tell me noit to go google, well i did couldnt help it. and its says women with fybrisyctic breasts they have lumpy breats, tenderness pain and ususally lumps on same place on the side. so far everything i have. i dont know for almost 2 years i was ok , yes my breasts hurt like during the periods, but this left breast hurt a little even after. but when i read the info it does show everything i have. also what r the chances of me at 34 have breast cance r?

I won't accept that you couldn't help Googling--you can stop that right now. But I already answered this question--you don't have breast cancer right now and your chances are no more than other women of you age. With regular self exams, doctor exams, and mammograms and ultrasounds ONLY when they are warranted, breast cancer, if it occurs, can be detected early and cured.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes they told me to do next mamogram in then years well now in 8 years. the ultrasounds every year and every time i go to gyno she does my exam she says my breast feel fine. i remember everybody was scaring me that mammmograms r painfull but mine wasnt and the nurse said thats because my breasts were fatty

have we settled this question for you?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

u sound a little angry. and is we? well for person with anxiety it takes time before we sttle

Not angry but if we have covered what you asked, it's time for a rating. I will get a little upset with you whenever you go Googling medical things and watching medical shows because you seem to take that information and misread it and get bent out of shape by it
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