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I live in the state of California and I was wondering if

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I live in the state of California and I was wondering if their is any health insurance that will cover even a little portion of a vasectomy reversal. I read a new article in June saying how health insurance is starting to cover vasectomy reversal but can't seem to find out which ones, if any do yet, cover a portion of it. If anyone knows any info please let me know about it! Thanks in advance.
DrK99 :

Hello, this is Dr K99. Answers are not medical advice and do not constitute a Dr/patient relationship. Please consult your Dr for medical advice.

DrK99 :

Each insurance plan is different. If the plan covers reproductive services and/or infertility, then it may. What is your insurance plan?


I don't have an insurance plan yet that is why I am looking for advice on health insurance that will cover even a portion of it and then choose my insurance from that.

Dr K :

I have not found any plans that cover vasectomy reversal. I will opt out and possibly another expert can help you.

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