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I warm my bottled water and add more cold bottled water (didnt

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I warm my bottled water and add more cold bottled water (didn't see this until I mixed Neti pot solution in neti pot but...) in a cup and the cup had what looked like maybe dishwasher didnt get cup fully clean and had milk hard on bottom I guess I stirred it up when i mixed it...but wouldn't have even known it looked it cup and looked in neti pot and only saw two small little spots on bottom of neti pot, floating on bottom guess i didnt make connection as im usually careful but anyway half way thru i rinsed it out and I got fresh water and did it again and used on both nostrils. ( the first time used on one nostril) I don't know how much got in my sinus cavity I didn't see but two small floaters. Therefore I rinsed neti pot out and put fresh water in and used again? there any worries here?

Also can this help with the flu? My husband went to the dr today he'd been coughing for a couple days had a really bad cough and he had almost 100 fever 99.9 not sure if thermometer runs low, it's a new thermometer and some do but, he's had a fever since last night, Tylenol relieving. He has headache, eyes hurt, chills, and bad cough. They didn't test him but said he had the flu and going into his bronchials, gave him antibiotics and tamiflu. I have tired very easily this past week and the day he started coughing a couple days ago I felt very fatigued. I feel ill like I have a virus or something, chest is a bit sore, cough but on,y occasionally, chills occasionally, no fever though, just feel really bad and can't hardly sleep feel uncomfortable, Tylenol reg strength makes me able to be a little comfortable to nap. I'm mostly just weak. I feel feverish but no temp yet. I put my husband on the couch so we could have separate rooms but they are adjoining rooms. He coughs constantly. Do you think I could have the flu? And if not is it I edivitable ill get husbands flu with him constantly coughing I'm around him some and in adjoining room door not closed. And when are antibiotics needed in my case?
Influenza virus can be passed on to others by direct contact with a ill patient,touching infected objects and inhaling the virus in the atmosphere(aerosol is created by the patient while coughing).It is likely that despite your sleeping in separate rooms,you may have contacted influenza from your husband.You will need antibiotics if you have secondary bacterial infection of the lungs or upper respiratory tract infection,your PCP/doctor can examine you and guide you regarding the Tamiflu and antibiotics. You probably need to take Tylenol regularly and avoid exertion.
Regarding the mishap with the neti pot solution,you can wait till symptoms of acute sinusitis are apparent before approaching your doctor for this problem,rarely there may be a some hazy solution left at the bottom as all the solute may not disssolve evenly if you are making the solution at home.If there are no symptoms with the sinuses like blockage or thick discharge of sputum/mucus,you probably need do nothing.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
On the neti pot I actually used a regular kitchen glass to mix my salt solution with water and found what appeared to be dried milk that had been disturbed, therefore am afraid that I have rotten milk up my nasal cavities. I used little less than half of the neti pot solution and the bottom had two floaters of I'm assuming the milk that was in the cup since this was a newly neti pot. It was what was in the cup that transferred that scares me. I rinsed the neti pot out and redid both my nostrils. Do you think there is worry?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Also should I keep using neti pot, I have two new ones. Should I rinse extra or again tonight? I'm terrified that its close to brain or something and getting something serious.
You may approach a ENT doctor to do a Fibreoptic Endoscopic sinus examination ,he may aspirate any foul solute you may have introduced in the sinuses,but that would probably be not required.Mostly the solution from the neti pot runs from in one nostril and out of the other nostril ,it is not definite that the rotten milk sediment would have entered the sinus cavity.I would suggest that if no symptoms of acute sinusitis appear,you could wait and watch.You can approach your PCP and discuss the matter with him and discuss whether prophylactic antibiotics would help or is a ENT consultation would be needed.You can use a different neti pot or clean the old one thoroughly before reusing it.I do not think that anything catastrophic has happened,but if it helps ease your worries,you may ask for a ENT referral from your doctor.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks , you think rinsing again would take out contaminants? I did it once after the mishap. Also when is it time to go to the dr with the flu ect? My hubby went because he has a history of getting pneumonia because he works out in the cold, he coughs constantly and ran fever, me I'm just really weak and feel really bad, no fever yet, chills occasionally and cough occasionally, I can go hours without coughing just tire easily and fatigued. We both are eating well, no loss of appetite.
After the accident with the neti pot,a talk with your GP/Doctor would help,you may also discuss whether you need any medicines for your flu apart from Tylenol.A check up would be prudent as you may catch a bacterial infection at an early stage.On the other hand,at your age you may get by without any medicines if there are no complications with the influenza,it would be your call.Thoroughly washing out the neti pot a couple of times with hot water and thorough cleaning will remove all the contaminants.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks I'm just housebound right now and can't get to dr just wanted to see if this was a big worry with the net mishap having possible rotten milk near my brain or something from infection?
Some species of amoeba can infect tap water,and thus neti pot solution, and cause damage in deeper passages of the sinuses and cause serious complications.Dried milk may not cause serious problems as diluted milk solutions have also been used as neti pot solutions for certain ailments.If the solution used was contaminated by bacteria or amoebae,that would be a definite cause for worry.I feel that you should probably have no problems but keeping a watch for sinus symptoms will help.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
By the way I had no idea about the milk. That's quiet interesting
I have been using a neti pot too, and I do keep reading up about it.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I've been using it for some time and this is the first time something like this has happened. I actually used to use cold tap water until about a year ago before I learned you're not suppose to use unless boiled, however I used aquafina bottled water, I think I saw where it said sterile or distiller water so I hope bottled is ok? Thanks again :)
Bottled water would be bacteria free and should be fine.You may use cold water if the weather is warm,warm water may be preferred in colder weather.