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Nurse Milli, RN
Nurse Milli, RN, Nurse (RN)
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I have been sick now for over three weeks. The doctor thought

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I have been sick now for over three weeks. The doctor thought I had sinus infection and flu..she gave me ammocillin 500 and after I finished the meds. in about three days I got sick again. She put me on ammocillin 875 and I still was sick.. after about another on this past Friday, I called her and told her I was not getting better, but worse. She saw me an examined me again and said Oh! you have pneumonia! She sent me for an x-ray and put me on meds for pneumonia. My questions is this.. I have been sick now over a month and I think I have had pneumonia all alone ..I remember telling the doctor about my chest and back hurting and the weezing sounds in my breathing ...
Now, I want to know about how long will it take me to get over the pneumonial and if there are any special instrustion that I should have.
Thank You very much ! Faye
Hi there Faye and thank you for the question. I am a Registered Nurse and will be happy to help you today. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well...and have been feeling well for quite some time! You could have started out with a form of pneumonia but sometimes what happens is a person gets the flu and then it turns into Pneumonia. Flu can make your back and chest hurt almost like Pneumonia sometimes, so it's hard to tell which came first really. But - you could be right. Yours may have started out as Pneumonia and just progressively gotten worse.

One of the best things you can do for Pneumonia is stay hydrated. The phlegm/fluid that is in the lungs can be more easily coughed up if you are well hydrated. Also, the more hydrated you are, the less 'thick' those secretions are in your lungs. Also, make sure you take ALL of your antibiotics and if you are not feeling much much better in a few more days, make sure you call your Dr. Sometimes these cases can turn ugly and send you the hospital, so let's try to avoid that. Also, there is some proof that taking expectorants like Mucinex is helpful, but some say it does no good. I personally, feel as though it does work. Also, don't suppress your cough. If you need to cough, the cough and make it count. One last thing, make sure you are taking deep breaths and moving around as much as possible to help prevent the pneumonia from getting worse.

Make sure you do call your Dr if you are not feeling better in the next few days or if you develop new symptoms.

Reply back if more info is needed.
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