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I had unprotected sex with a guy that I have known for about

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I had unprotected sex with a guy that I have known for about 2 weeks on 1/17/13, I know this was stupid of me. We only had sex twice and the first time we used a condom and the second time we didn't, but he did pull it out before he came. I know even with him pulling out I'm still at risk, but my question is how likely is it that I could have contracted HIV from him? I have asked him about his status and he said that he is clean and that he is a Medical Technician and that they get tested all the time, but I don't see a job regularly testing their employees for HIV and STD'S.

On 1/21/13 I woke up to my left arm being sore under my arm pit. I checked and felt around for lumps and thought I felt one about an inch below my underarm where my hair is at under my arm, but I've been checking it for the past 2-3 days now and don't feel anything there now. But my underarm is still sore and I have a heavy feeling throughout my arm and I'm wondering if this could be an early sign of HIV infection?

I have checked my neck and head to see if there any swollen lymph nodes, but there aren't any. I feel fine, I'm not coughing, no night sweats, not losing weight or any of the HIV symptoms except for the pain in my arm.

I'm so scared right now and don't know if my mind is causing me to have this pain in my arm or what. Can you please let me know if I could have contracted HIV from this encounter and if the pain I'm having in my arm id related to an early HIV sign?

Sorry I know I'm all over the place with questions and thoughts.


chances of contracting HIV under these circumstances is quite low.

I do not believe the pain in your arm has anything to do with this encounter and it is also not indicative of HIV.

I think you will need resolution to this by testing. I would recommend you both be tested so you have piece of mind.


Dr. Pfeiffer

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