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I read an article which says Kidney stones are seen when a

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I read an article which says Kidney stones are seen when a cat scan is performed without contrast. Is this true? My physician ordered a cat scan with contrast and the radiologist said it appears that there are calcium deposits on the upper right corner of the kidney which could be kidney stones. I am confused. can someone please explain?


Do you have associated pain,burning sensation during urination?

Duration of symptoms?

Pain in right side of abdomen?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Not a whole lot of pain. No burning sensation. I have pain in the abdomen area which is why my doctor advised me to get a ct scan. Pain is on the right side of abdomen/groin area.

The CT scan was taken with that effective?

Thanks for providing more information.

Firstly CT scan without contrast is more effective in detecting Kidney stone.

A CT scan without intravenous contrast would show any stone anywhere. It also confirms the calcification seen is a stone in the urinary tract, rather than something else, like a calcification in a blood vessel outside the urinary tract.

However if a patient has blood in urine (hematuria) and they were looking for a kidney lesion/tumor or other lesion along the urinary tract into the bladder, IV contrast might be used.

Calcium-containing stones are relatively radiodense, and they can often be detected by CT scan,KUB.

And as your doctor has ordered CT scan with contrast so it might be possible that he may think about potential differential diagnosis causing pain in right abdomen like Gall bladder disease,Appendicitis,tumour,etc.

If you have still pain without any relief then your doctor may further advise CT scan without contrast,KUB.

Hope this helps.
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