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I am 68 years old and have not had intercourse in 6-7 years

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I am 68 years old and have not had intercourse in 6-7 years until recently. I now have a creamy discharge and am very uncomfortable.
My Dr. said it is probably due to combination of recent sex and hot tub. Not in the hot tub! Is there something I can use to make this go away?
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Myself Dr Josh and I’m happy to help with your question today. Please provide me the following information so that I can address your concern appropriately.
Do you have associated itching or foul disorder with discharge?
Are you on any medications?
Was it unprotected sex with unknown partner?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes foul odor but mild. I have had a head cold and have been taking 2000 MG vitamin C a day for 4 days. Other than that I take, on a regular basis, Loratadine, Ambien, Acyclovir,Nortriptyline, vitamins B complex, C, D3, E, fish oil, magnesium, and calcium.

It was unprotected sex with friend.

Thanks for quick input.I am sorry to hear about your problems.
Most likely it indicates yeast infection. It is always not necessary to have severe itching and swelling to diagnose yeast infection.
This can occur in any age group. This can be easily diagnosed and treated with anti yeast medications. Although yeast typically doesn't have a bad odor, sometimes it may be mixed with other infections that do cause odors.
To teat this condition, you should wear cotton panties, remain away from stress, maintain personal hygiene, Avoid feminine hygiene sprays and Eat yogurt.You need to use OTC anti-fungal vaginal cream like Monistat (miconazole nitrate).Also you need to take tablet Zyrtec once a day for 1 week.Most likely your symptoms will get resolve completely in 1 week.
If there’s more I can do, please use the reply tab and let me know how I can be of further assistance.
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