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when i lie on my back in bed my head spins i have found that

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when i lie on my back in bed my head spins i have found that i bump into walls when walking arond the house i am 58 bp is 135/80 i thought it might be vertigo
Welcome to Justanswer website.
Myself Dr Josh and I’m happy to help with your question today. Please provide me the following information so that I can address your concern appropriately.

Do you have such dizziness with change in head positions?
Are you taking any medications? Any past known medical condition?
For how many days you have this problem? Have you seen any doctor?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
no only when i lie on my back feels like pressure at back of my head
no medication
i am fairly active i work full time and go to gym 2-3 times per week
have this since beginning of december
havent been to GP
Thanks for quick input. I am sorry to hear about your problems.

Most likely such symptoms are due to a condition Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo called as BPPV. Such episodes can come, and then go and then again re-occur. It occurs when the semicircular canals in ear, become sensitive to changes in head position, and may occur when you lay on bed. Also with this ,change in positions such symptoms appear. And BPPV usually lasts a minute or two. It can be mild, or it can be bad enough.

Your doctor will do test- Dix-Hallpike test. Doctor can treat this condition with series of movement called as canalith repositioning procedure.This can be done by doctor.
Also Thyroid function test, Blood sugar test should be done.
For the time, you can take Tab. Dimenhydrinate(Dramamine) for dizziness.It is OTC drug.
I would recommend you to consult ENT doctor for clinical evaluation and get it managed.

If there’s more I can do, please use the reply tab and let me know how I can be of further assistance.
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