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my 7 yr old daughter is complainin of her legs being sore this

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my 7 yr old daughter is complainin of her legs being sore this morning which i thought was from her dancing last night at a school event.. but today she has been very tired.. and now she has a low fever of 101.8 nothing else hurts but she did say she was cold ... could she have a blanket.... our town immedicenter opens in the morning.. i am thinking of taking her to it... does this sound like flu like symptoms?
Thank you for your question:

These symptoms could represent the early signs of influenza. This year, the flu season has started earlier than some years and it has been particular harsh.

If this is the flu, treatment with Tamiflu may help shorten her symptoms IF started within 48 hours of starting symptoms. For this reason, having your daughter evaluated by her physician or an urgent care clinic (or the ER) may be useful. She can take Tylenol or ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) for the fever. She should NOT use aspirin.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i just gave her childrens advil .... i plan on taking her in the am .... how do they determine the flu... she would have to have no other signs of infection? as in ears throat ect?

Influenza is diagnosed based on a history, physical examination and there are rapid influenza tests that can determine with very good accuracy if someone has this viral infection.
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