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Dr. Charles
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What causes a lack of seamen fluid

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what causes a lack of seamen fluid

Dear customer,
I am Dr.Charles and I'm happy to help with your question today
.I need the following information from you,so that I can provide you the complete & best answer:

Do you mean you have no sperms in semen or you are unable to ejaculate

Since how long you have these symptoms?

Have you undergone any tests so far?

I am online and is waiting for your reply.

Kind Regards-
Dr. Charles

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I can ejaculate but only a small amount, I am diabetic type 2 and takeing tablets these are causing ED but when I manage an erection for sex or masturbation there is little seamen sometimes none.

Dear Clive,

Thanks for the valuable info you had given.I've taken a close look at your question & the reply and come up with the following answer:

The symptoms you have described can be due to a condition called as Anejaculation. Mostly this is caused due to psychological
causes. But there can be other causes also: Use of certain drugs (such as
prozac, mellaril, and guanethidine) ,Neurological disease such as a stroke or nerve damage to the spinal cord or back,diabetes,nerve damage,prostate disease,alcohol abuse.

The most probable cause seems to be your diabetes.

You need following tests:


-Neurological evaluation,

-Dynamic infusion cavernosometry(DIC) and cavernosography (DICC),

-Nocturnal tumescence test.

Treatment includes psychosexual therapy, sex therapy & medications to treat the underlying cause.Anti depressants & anti anxiety pills will be prescribed accordingly.

Exact diagnosis can only be made after physical & clinical
examination.So I advice you to make an appointment with your urologist for these
tests & examination to know the exact cause & then treatment will be
done accordingly.

Hope this helped

Your satisfaction is my prime goal and I'm happy
to answer any follow-up questions you may have.Please feel free to ask if you
have any other question.

Thank you
for using just answer website.

Kind Regards-

Dr Charles

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