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I'm a 51 yr old female (post-menopause). I'm in good shape.

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I'm a 51 yr old female (post-menopause). I'm in good shape. Am a vegetarian (though I eat salmon few times a month) and eat well and exercise. I have been having symptoms of chest tightness (upper sternum & also below central collar bone). Heart palpitations, especially at night, which are often worse when lying down especially on my side. I have asthma and had bad pneumonia last spring. Lungs have never been the same since. I've been on Advair for 5 months (just took myself off), was using a nebulizer quite a bit in summer. Have used it once daily since getting off Advair a couple weeks ago. Sometimes I also feel like I have a lump in my throat. Though I'm not wheezing, I feel like I'm having asthma problems. I feel like coughing and it's usually dry, though sometimes little bits of mucus come up. This has been going on for 2 months. Heart issues are frequent, but not daily. I also coughed up a large plug out of my lungs a few weeks ago and was able to breath deeper, but I'm still having the heart palps and test tightness. I had a thyroid blood panel done and it's normal. I had a d-dimer test done which was negative. I'm about to be fitted for a holter monitor and it was recommended I see a pulmonary specialist. Do you recommend a chest x-ray? Any other blood test recommendations? Could the plug have caused stress on my heart? Could it be from hormones (or lack of)? My sense is it's lung related, despite them sounding clear. Pleurisy of sorts? Though nothing's impossible, I can't imagine I have actual heart disease. I live rural and am having problems with medical community being clear on the best protocol priority. I don't have insurance and can't afford to go down a rabbit hole so would like to get an idea of a testing protocol in order of recommended priority. Thanks.


Do you have heartburn,nausea,vomiting?

Stuffy nose?

Sore throat?

Shortness of breath?

Throat irritation all the time?

Alcohol and smoking consumption?

Have you undergone EKG so far?

Have you seen your family doctor since last 2 months?

Stress and anxiety issues?

Any other medicines?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No on all 3 of your first question.

No on the second question.

Occasionally on throat, but it's winter and we have a wood stove and it's dry (I'm in CO)

No on shortness of breath, though I sort of had that cleaning the house, but I could go x-country skiing no problem. Go figure.

I don't have throat irritation.

I don't smoke and may have 1-2 glasses of wine a week.

No EKG but a scheduled to be fitted w/ Holter monitor soon.

Yes I've seen the doctor.

I don't suffer from anxiety. I occasionally have some work stress and marital stress (!).

My only western meds are for asthma (albuterol; recently stopped Advair)

Thanks for providing more information.

As you have heart palpitations and chest tightness so you need to make a consultation with a Cardiologist and undergo EKG,Echocardiography,holter monitor,blood pressure monitoring,Chest X-ray and blood work like Lipid panel,CBC,ESR to rule out cardiac problem(Cardiac arrhythmia,Acute coronary syndrome).

Chest X-ray helps to detect lung problem however it is less likely.

You can try OTC Zantac to see if it provides relief from sensation like something stuck in yout throat,cough,tightness in chest.

Avoid late night work and eating.

Drink warm liquids and do saline gargles.

And i recommend to consult your family doctor before consulting either a cardiologist or pulmonary specialist.

Hope this helps.
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