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About a month ago I was diagnosed with an UTI. I was given

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About a month ago I was diagnosed with an UTI. I was given Cipro for 10 days, twice a day & Pyridium for two days, three times a day. I never had any burning or bleeding during peeing, just an uncomfortable feeling when I was done and a constant urge to pee even if I had just gone with back pain. All my symptoms had gone away, but the urge. The urge is only when I'm done peeing. It's not as strong or annoying as before, so I went to a clinic and they did a dipstick. Everything came out clean. No blood, no nitrate, no white blood cells. Nothing. No sign of the UTI, now a week a later & the urge still has not gone away completely. I'm just wondering is this normal or should I make a visit to a urologist?
Hi--your gender and age? How was the UTI first diagnosed? None of this problem before about a month ago?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Female & 19. Urine sample at the hospital. No nitrate, just white blood cells and a little blood & I have never had a UTI before nor any kind of urinary problem.

OK. Potentially this could still be a UTI even with a clean dipstick but more likely this is an irritable bladder problem, perhaps from lingering irritation from the UTI. Detrol or Enablex would help with that for now but if it remained a problem after two weeks I would have a urologist look at you to see if by chance you have something called interstitial cystitis which is an inflammatory bladder condition but not infectious.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Can I buy these medications at the store or would I need a prescription? Also, I've read that interstitial cystitis is not very common. Considering this my first time ever having these kinds of problems, do you think the odds of having this are slim?

You'd need a presciption for them--there is nothing over the counter like them. I think IC is very unlikely in your case, but I have to include it in the differential of the symptoms you have. I personally would culture your urine to make sure there isn't a residual UTI
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I went to the doctor and it ended up being a yeast infection.
Usually there's a discharge with that but not always. It usually doesn't cause a fever.
May I ask why the bad service rating?