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Susan Ivy
Susan Ivy, Nurse (RN)
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My girlfriend has been taking Cipralex for about 4 months now.

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My girlfriend has been taking Cipralex for about 4 months now. She is now very suspicious that I am having an affair with a work colleague (I'm not). She has never even met her and I am not at all interested in her romatically. She seems not to believe it when she is sober but when she drinks and does cocaine she becomes convinced there is an affair and becomes violent and abusive and I have to leave to stay at a friend's house.


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Camille - Moderator


Sorry that you have waited for a reply, and so sorry to hear of your situation.

It is not uncommon for users of cocaine to develop paranoia. Of course, if there were an underlying problem, with severe depression or psychosis, she would need to be clean before this could be evaluated accurately.

Drug addiction/alcoholism, is very destructive not only to the individual, but to their loved ones.

Unfortunately, only when the individual decides they have a problem and will accept help, can the situation change. (As you have been finding, it sounds... pleading for them to get help almost always gets no where) Often the addict/alcoholic must begin to suffer severe consequences before they realize they have a problem. Some get to this point fairly easy, and some do not. The denial can be so deep that it can take losses of nearly everything - material and otherwise, before they realize they have a problem and that they need help, and will then accept help. Some people never get to this point.

The best thing you can do for her at this time, is to take care of your self. This is an important concept that can sometimes be hard for those who are involved with an addict to fully understand at first, since it is the addict that has the obvious problem and needs care.

I can refer you to some information to help guide you in the steps to take so that the situation does not deteriorate further.

Support groups can help you to learn how to deal with the addict in a way that is most helpful for them. Here are some links to free support (there are usually chapters in most cities):


For information on treatment of addiction, a good resource is: (again, this is really for the addict, but will give you an idea of what it takes to recover)

Please reply if you have any questions. This post will stay open as long as you need.

Susan Ivy, Nurse (RN)
Category: Health
Satisfied Customers: 4058
Experience: BSN, MSN, CNS
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