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Dr. Arun Phophalia
Dr. Arun Phophalia, Doctor (MD)
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I am prescribed to 2mg of kolonipin (benzo) 4x's a day,

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I am prescribed to 2mg of kolonipin (benzo) 4x's a day, 200mg of zoloft, 80m of propranolol and 200mg of trazadone before bed to help me sleep not for depression. I just took 4mg of klonopin and 200mg of trazadone about 30 minutes ago. Then I ate dinner, it didn't sleep well and i vomited. I'm not going to take anymore klonopin because it is a controlled substance and I get a certain amount each month. Could I take 100mg of trazadone since i vomitted after i ate and then took my pills? The pills were in my full stomach for 30 minutes before puking.

The maximum dose of Trazodone is 400 mg per day. Usually it is absorbed in blood in about 45-60 minutes completely. Occasionally slightly more duration in absorption may be taken. Since you have vomited within half an hour of taking the medicine, this may not have completely absorbed. So you may take 100 mg of it.

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