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It started out as a red streak above my rectum but didnt really

Customer Question

It started out as a red streak above my rectum but didn't really bother me other than how it looked until for about a month now I've felt pain back there and noticed a few tears above my rectum streaking all the way up almost to the lower park of my back with some redness surrounding the area. My doctor said it looked like fungus / jock itch had caused the skin to crack and prescribed clitromozole. Been on that for a few weeks now and havn't noticed any improvement. I told my doctor I was afraid it was a fistula because I have a twin brother that had two fistula surgeries caused by chrons disease. At this point I don't know what to do it seems to get better and then comes back worse sometimes or gets worse when I drink alcohol heavily.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  MDPhD here to help replied 4 years ago.

Hello and thank you for your question. I can understand your concern and rectal fissures can definitely be painful. If you have a family history of Crohn's disease, fistulae can occur and if there is any reason for concern and/or for routine screening purposes, you should be seen by a gastroenterologist for a colonoscopy. This will help to determine whether there is evidence of inflammation and whether this may be contiguous with internal structures.

I hope you feel better and please let me know if you have more questions.


Expert:  Nurse Susan replied 4 years ago.
Hello Customer,

I am sorry to read of your discomfort. I would like to offer you a somewhat different perspective than the previous expert. Absolutely, he is correct in that if you have a family history of fissures or Crohn's disease you should have examinations by a gasteroenterologist.

Please understand that I can not state with any certainty what anything is online, all I can offer is my best educated guess based upon what you wrote.

I am somewhat concerned about the "red streaking" that you mentioned. If it was a fungus, I would have expected the clotrimazole to have cleared it up. Red streaks can be a sign of a bacterial infection, one that is starting to spread within the body, especially if the streaks are getting worse.

If you still have these, and your doctor has not seen you since he first prescribed the clotrimazole, I would, were I you, return to him for a re-evaluation, just to make sure this is not something bacterial and not fungal. If its bacterial, you would need oral antibiotics to treat it. You may need a stronger anti fungal as well, if this is not bacterial. Points against it being bacterial are that you seem otherwise well; infections that can cause a streak can be accompanied by fever and malaise...but not always.

Here is some more information: while this page is meant for parents of children, the information upon it regarding infections applies equally to adults. :

Meanwhile, for comfort, hot soaks to the area can help. But I do suggest...strongly...a doctors visit as untreated bacterial infections can result in horrid complications.

I hope I was able to help, and that you feel better soon.