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I suffer from OCD/anxiety/depression and I am trying to

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I suffer from OCD/anxiety/depression and I am trying to start off the year right by overcoming the OCD involving touching things and worrying if by that action it will affect my heart in some kind of negative way. Some of the concerns I have involving touching the steering wheel of my car. I seem like I have a hard time getting out of my car and continuosly touching it and afraid to let go that something bad may happen to my heart. Is this just anxiety and nothing more? Also since I am off rispertol, xanax and ativan the occuring thoughts of my heart not working right seem to linger. Can the OCD thoughts affect anything? Also I am now taking Zoloft 200mg per day and since increase in dosage have had nausea every other day. Is tightening muscles around left shoulder or chest from nerves anything to concern with the heart? Thank you for your help
Hello, welcome to Justanswer, I will try to assist you with your medical question, and any medical information you seek

The OCD thoughts cannot affect anything
The tightening muscles you have are also nothing to worry about, it is from anxiety
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I had a very bad anxiety attack because I took my Zoloft too late this afternoon. I could not stop crying for over a half hour. After I awoke I began hyperfocusing on spots on ceiling and it felt like my heart rate was rising. Does the hyperfocusing hurt the heart at all or is it just the adrenaline from anxiety OCD to keep looking at it?

This does not hurt the heart at all, there is no need to worry
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

my psychiatrist took me off Zoloft today and I will be starting rimran in evening instead. I still feel some what tired and nausus do you think I should still go get checked out and immediate care today?

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