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I am visiting in-laws from out of state, Tampa Fl. Unable to

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I am visiting in-laws from out of state, Tampa Fl. Unable to find a doctor beacuse of holiday and emergencey rooms are filled to capacidy. Is it possible maybe to transfer a perscription from my state of Georgia, before my refill date in a special instance such as this?

Hello Renee,
Is your prescription for a controlled substance?
Do you use a major retail chain or a local neighborhood pharmacy at home?
Ben, R.N., J.D.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I had head & neck cancer with radiation to my head which causes dibilating migraines. The medicene is Buthorphanol Nasal Spray, brand name is***** believe it is a man-made syntheic (forgive my spelling). I think it is a class IV. I have several refills on my prescription but as I am visiting I only wanted to transfer 1 bottle and not loose all of my refills as I am from Atlanta, Ga.

You response is greatly appreciated, thank you. Renee Casey

I use a small town pharmacy in Peachtree City, Ga.

Hello again Renee,

My name is*****'m a registered nurse and licensed attorney. Glad to try and help out.

Sorry for your circumstances, truly. My heart goes out to you.

Accordingly, I'm pleased to share some good news with you. This agent is indeed a Schedule IV medication, and a transfer is certainly doable pursuant to Florida Statutes § 893.04. If it's close by and convenient to do so, I would just walk into the nearest chain (i.e Walgreen's, CVS, etc.) with prescription bottle in hand and speak to a pharmacist. If for some reason that doesn't work, call your home pharmacy. The most I would see you needing is perhaps a fax from your prescriber's office, but I suspect you won't even be required to go that far. Just make sure everyone understands you're already taking the medication and just need to continue it while on vacation (in other words you're not "doctor shopping"), and there's no reason you should encounter any road blocks.

If you have a follow-up question or need clarification, please just say the word by using "reply" to reach me.

I hope all works out for you.

Happy New Year!

Take care,

Ben, R.N., J.D.

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Hello Renee,
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