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I have been diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia. My

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Hi. I have been diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia. My hemoglobin is at about 9.0. The doctor has put me on 325 mg of iron (65 mg elemental iron) twice a day and says he wants to see me again in ten days. We know that the cause of the anemia is long-term GI bleeding and I am in the process of addressing that as well- will need surgery soon. What I'm wondering is- in the meantime- how dangerous is the 9.0 hemoglobin that I currently have. Do I need to curtail activities such as physical exertion or socializing with a few cocktails? Or should these activities be safe as long as I feel okay? Sometimes I feel weak and lightheaded, but when I take the iron I feel a lot better. Also, I tolerate one iron dose a day just fine, but sometimes the second does makes me feel jittery and gives me a metallic taste in my mouth. So I take one dose every day but if I feel okay sometimes I skip the second. Thanks.

Thank you for writing JustAnswer Health.

Socializing is fine, but you will want to watch the physical exertion until your hemoglobin is back to a normal level. It is still important to move around enough to do your activity of daily living, so that you don't get abnormally weak, but right now you need to conserve energy.

As far as the drinking of cocktails normally one or two spread out over several hours would not be a problem as far as anemia, ins some cases, especially on a once of year celebration; but you mention that you have GI bleeding, and alcohol is very irritating to the GI tract, and can even be a cause of GI bleeding. Also, alcohol can inhibit the absorption of the vitamins that are needed in prevention of anemia, so that is another negative on the side to drinking at this time..

So it would be recommended to abstain from the alcohol.

Let me know if you have questions, I'm standing by in case you do.
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