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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Not so good. I went to the doctor this morning, not my PCP but another doctor in the practice. I showed him the picture first, his first reaction was maybe its shingles.
Then he looked at my buttock and said not shingles. Said looked like an abrasion? Said it wasn't likely bug bite.
Told him about incident. He had me give blood to do a test for herpes.
When we were talking he said rare to contact that way and it would be a reportable case, in other words rare
I am having a total anxiety attack at this point
Good to hear you visited your Dr today. I was wondering if your 'rash' was better by now. Sounds like your Dr actually gave you some reassurance that it is not Herpes! And that's good! He just did the blood work to make 100% sure....even when there is 1/100th of a % chance, they still like to do blood work just to be sure and especially if you brought it up....he might have been doing the blood work to ease your mind (once it comes back negative). It sounds like you may be panicking because they drew the blood and you're thinking that the DR thought that's what it was too....but that's just not the case.
Let me ask you this, have you ever had an outbreak of Herpes before? Ever had any sexual encounters that you had forgotten about where you could have been exposed? The reason I'm asking is you have locked in and focused down on the herpes thing and wondering why you are focusing on other STD rashes like Scabies, Syphilis, or even other skin issues like an infected hair follicle (Folliculitis)...I guess, with you honing in on the Herpes so much, it makes one wonder if you have a 'valid' reason for being so worried about that one particular STD. Make sense of where I am coming from?
I need to step away from my computer for a bit. If you reply, I'll see and reply back as soon as I can. I should be back on around 6pm eastern.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you. I wish he could have come up with an explanation for the rash. That would have helped me. No valid reason for focus on herpes other than the fact that I have had no sexual contact other than that iwhat. Described and , it just scares me very much and it's not curable and it would pretty much end my marriage. He said it wasn't folliculitisHe just didn't offer up what it could be and then said do the blood test. Said in a followup emails: Bill: I'm sorry, no telephone medicine. I'm not sure what I could tell you that I have not said already several times. I am completely booked until this evening, but you could see either me or ... (my PCP) on Wednesday, or e-mail him today. As I said, the testing is for your reassurance, There was no fluid to send for culture. -----Original Message-----Dr ...I am feeling very anxious since my appointment this morning, I don't understand why testing unless you think there is a chance I have contacted the virus? Also curious why we didn't take a sample of tissue to culture? I thought you said that you it would be so rare to contact in this manner it would be "reportable"? I apologize for the email but really anxious.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
To answer you other part, no never had herpes before. I had a similar incident in late July 2011. (Massage)
Hand only. Never had any physical signs of anything.
Felt terrible, my PCP did a herpes test at week 12 and week 16' both negative. I swore I would never do something dumb like this again. Well I did. I so want to get strong physically and emotionally. I'm really a good guy. Now I am scared.
I was able to hop back online for a few minutes here....the thing about a tissue biopsy is he is most likely waiting to see if this clears on it's own before putting you through something so invasive and if he does feel it's something that needs biospied, he will most likely send you to a specialist like a Dermatologist....which isn't a bad idea at this point. The could biopsy it and see if it's fungal, viral or bacterial or none of the above. Sometimes a Dermatologist is better at getting a visual on these rash type areas and being able to tell you somethings it could and could not be....much like your PCP but only more specialized. The testing is basically to cover himself that he 'covered all bases' especially when a patient comes in with fears of something (like you and the herpes). Take this incident for example, someone comes in with fears of HIV...while she describes her circumstances of how she/he thinks they may have the virus, the Dr doesn't think so (from how the patient describes it). Now, while the Dr was not there to actually see the incident, he would still test based on the patient's fears and also because he was not actually there to see the whole thing. So based on that, he would test just because of her concern and because he was not there to say yes, there was exposure and risk or no, there wasn't. Does that make sense? I hope so. NO, I don't think you have HIV at all...I just used that as an example. So, just because they tested, doesn't mean he was thinking you had herpes, it could have simply been a case of "I don't know!" - sounds like he truly doesn't know what you have at this point and is wanting to buy a time to see if it resolves on it's own.
Also, let me also shed some light on this herpes test.
The herpes test will show if your body has made any antibodies to the virus. Meaning, if you have antibodies in your blood work, that could just simply mean you have been exposed to the virus. Not everyone who is exposed will have an outbreak. Another example, HSV1 is normally seen in the oral area. HSV2 is normally seen in the genital area. However, oral sex over the years can cause HSV2 to show on the oral area and vice versa. Does that mean if you ever tested + for HSV2 that you will have genital herpes, no, it doesn't. It could simply mean that at one point in your life you've come across the virus (drinking cup, kissing someone with HSV2 on their oral area, etc) and transmission occurred. It doesn't mean that you had sex with someone (vaginally or anally) and you become infected (although that is the usual and customary way) could just mean, at some point you contracted the virus in an innocent way and did not know it. Believe it or not, by adulthood, many of us will have herpes antibodies in our blood but never had an outbreak.
Bottomline, there are a lot of variables with this whole thing and I just wanted you to see that even if you did test positive for herpes, it may not even be related to your buttock unless the culture was taken DIRECTLY from the buttock (and I read where he couldn't do that because there was no blister and no oozing to get anything from for the culture).
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
But wait, I was tested back in late 2011. Negative. Hsv 1 and 2. No exposure whatsoever since then, Now this incident, which I thought was extremely low risk. I'm sorry but why would it test positive unless I was exposed now somehow? Again which I thought was extremely low risk? I guess was it? I'm sorry for pressing but really struggling here
I was just making a point. Point being that if you test positive now, that doesn't automatically make you a cheating husband or a bad person. If you tested positive for herpes right now, it could have nothing to do with your buttock rash at all.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I understand but if I was negative a year ago, and had a very low risk encounter ( I think anyway), then why would I test positive
Any reassurance you can provide?
I think he has ares me when he first looked at the picture before examining me and thought shingles
Not talking about this encounter....I was generally speaking when I said if you did test positive that it is likely that its not even related to this encounter on 12/11. I don't think you'll test positive at all. Was just saying that 'if you did' it could have come from a drinking cup. Just trying to get you to see how easy you could pick up HSV and never have a breakout and not even engage in risky behavior and still get it.
A lot of people try to say that if that husband or wife come down with herpes then they must be cheating and that's just not the case.
No, I don't think you will test positive. Especially not from the episode you recently had and described to me.
Again, just making a general point. Not speaking of your situation directly at all.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you. I think when he looked at the picture first and said could be zoster/shingles my heart sank. A followup, I thought the test couldn't be done for 12 or more weeks to identify a recent possible infection, I guess I'm wrong if he is testing. I thought that's why I had to wait 12 weeks last time?It's going to be a tough two or three days.
Unfortunately yes it could take several weeks for the virus to show up in the blood work. (Antibodies)
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
what is he testing now for?
It was a blood test, right? No culture of the area was done today?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Blood test
Well it's hard to determine what he was doing unless its to see if you've had a previous exposure to herpes and to rule out a breakout from that (an earlier exposure-prior to this one). But he probably wouldn't have even tested you for herpes had you not brought it up because it would be highly unlikely and almost nil in this recent episode.
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