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I am having surgery this coming Friday, Jan. 4th, but have

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I am having surgery this coming Friday, Jan. 4th, but have come down with a terrible cold this weekend and have been treating the symptoms with Dayquil and Nyquil, which contain Tylenol. Is there any danger that this will negatively impact the coming surgery? Thank you.
Hello, and thank you for using Justanswer Health.

It is fine to use products containing Tylenol pre surgery, in most cases (unless you are known to have poor liver function). Aspirin and other NSAIDS are the OTC meds that should not be taken pre-surgery due to the fact that they prolong clotting times, which could lead to excess bleeding during surgery.

Whether or not the cold will negatively impact the coming surgery depends on whether it clears up, or whether it worsens. If it does not improve or it worsens, this would cause the surgery to be delayed. Especially if you develop any lower respiratory tract symptoms (such as excess phlegm or congestion in the airway or respiratory track).

Due to anesthesia, the respiratory track often is susceptible to development of complication such as pneumonia, even when an individual does not have a cold or history of respiratory problems. If a severe cold or lung infection were present going into surgery, then the chances of a difficult recovery are increased significantly.

So, you may want to take good care of yourself for the next few days - including rest and plenty of fluids. If you find that by Wednesday or Thursday you have not improved, then it will be important for you to notify your doctor so that they can decide if the surgery needs to be rescheduled.

Please do reply if you have further questions. I am standing by in case you do.
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