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42 yr old female, kidney transplant of 11 yrs due to

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42 yr old female, kidney transplant of 11 yrs due to re-flux. Immunosupressed with daily medications including daily low dose aspirin. Do exceptionally well for a transplant patient with no bouts of rejection.
Healthy otherwise, exercise regularly, eat well compared to most. Don't smoke, don't use street drugs and rarely drink.
Symptoms over past 6 weeks: experienced bloat, gnawing/burning under mid breastbone, belching (don't usually) extreme fatigue, foul stool odor and nausea. Went to Dr. and was put on 1 month supply of Dexilant 60 mg/daily. Was also sent for upper barium and breath test for possible ulcer.
Been on Dexilant for 1 month with marked improvement in all the above symptoms however results of tests came back negative. I find this odd as to why the huge improvement if no ulcer?
Dexilant ran out about 1 week ago and burning/gnawing pain is back in full force. Also in the last week have encountered 2 disturbing (to me) situations. 1) Anal discharge of mucous with specks of blood - not in conjunction with bowel movement/stool and 2) Small amount of bright red blood on toilet paper after wiping (none noticeable in stool).
Stool appears normal in color,not tary black, I have no pain when having a BM. Not diagnosed with hemorrhoids, IBS, Crones etc., and do not suspect I have these.
Have read that both anal mucous and blood are "never" normal - this is the 1st time I have ever experienced this.
Concerned as the recent symptoms over the past 6 weeks which resulted in negative results combined with the anal blood and mucous could be something more serious?
Looking for advise as to how to proceed and if I should be concerned or pursue testing for colon cancer? No family history of cancer of any sort.


Have you undergone colonoscopy so far?

Constipation,pain abdomen?

Is it single episode of blood in stool?

Any other medical illness?

Are you taking any other medicines?

Burning and itching on anus?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi, no colonoscopy to date, no constipation or abdominal pain (other than the upper burning/gnawing under my breast bone).
No other illness or disease or burning/itching of anys.
Due to the transplant I have had a cat scan and ultrasound of my abdomen in the past year (although almost a year ago) with no issues or concerns.
Single episode of both the blood on toilet paper as well as the mucous with blood flecks discharge (2 separate incidents over this past week).
I take 2 immunosupressents (prograf and cellcept) as well as lipitor, daily aspirin and bactrim - all transplant related. I also take birth control. Those are all my prescription medications.
Concerned about the timing of how these events have occurred.

Thanks for providing more information.

As per your description,firstly your symptoms suggests the possibility of Gastroesophageal reflux disease rather than peptic ulcer.

So Dexilant is doing a great job for you.

Now as you have rectal bleeding which can be associated with Colon polyp,Hemorrhoid,Anal fissure,Inflammatory bowel disease.

CT or Ultrasound don't usually detect such causes.

And further ano-rectal examination,stool analysis,Colonoscopy should be advised.

If you have profuse bleeding then you need to be seen by your family doctor ASAP.

Aspirin should be avoided after consulting your doctor for a while.

You should take OTC Prilosec in the meantime until you get new prescription of Dexilant.

Also eat fibre rich diet,metamucil and drink plenty of water.

Avoid caffeine,alcohol,spicy food.

Hope this helps.
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