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Dr. Arun Phophalia
Dr. Arun Phophalia, Doctor (MD)
Category: Health
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Experience:  MBBS, MS (General Surgery), Fellowship in Sports Medicine
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Doctor, Please tell me if my payment amount is O.K.I have no

This answer was rated:

Please tell me if my payment amount is O.K.I have no idea of how much time you have spent on this letter and certainly want to compensate you accordingly,
Do you think the letter along with the attatchments are all I need or do I have to add more detail to the letter?

Thank you Fred. I appreciate the bonus.

The letter and attachments are good enough. You may mark the annexure numbers on the attachments and mention them on the letter. You can pursue for the Exhumation / Autopsy of your mother's body to the authorities, which can provide the concrete evidences of wrong doing. This can definitely reveal the cause of death and substantiate the facts.

It is great privilege assisting you.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Doctor Arun,

Are these enough attatchments or do I need more


1.Discharge report in April after my mothers pacemaker replacement

2.May 7th check up by my mothers Cardiologist

3.My email to my sister stating I was leaving China to pick up my mother

4.The day after the letter a Doctors note that the Power of attorney was spitting out her medications

5 Next day Doctor Freedman's request for Hospice

6.Terminally ill document signed by doctor Freedman

7.Doctor Freedman's plan of care for my mother admission to Hospice

8.My letter to Doctor Davidson prior to my mothers admission.Missing is the page regarding $400,000 of embezzlement and the medication issue

9 Falsified ."official ER report"

10.Factual ER report

11.Doctor Davidson "if your mother can pass the swallow test in the morning she can continue her medications

12.Two hours later the administration of medications including haldol in pill form

13.Doctor Wexman's prognosis of my mother "cardiac symtons stable

14.Meeting Doctor Wexman,Doctor Davidson and the Power of Attorney stating my mother would only be prescribed blood pressure medication

15.August visit to Marin General "patient oriented to time and place" Urine specimen not received no EKG test

16.Coroners letter to Hospice."by state law" I must take the Autopsy of Verlka Regnery.Here is a number you can reach me at after she passesHospice nurse and two Cardiologists reports.

These attachments are good enough support. Great work.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you,

What I am thinking.The District attorney would have never taken my mothers murder case as too many prominent people would have been exposed.

I am not sure but if I can prove and ytyou have seen it that the doctors committed criminal acts maybe the D.A has no choice.

You are most welcome, Fred.

I appreciate your perseverance. I am sure, we will be successful, despite swimming against the tide.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Doctor,

My attorney said my list of facts is somewhat confusing and too long and told me to have a professional redo it.Paralegal lawyer etc.Four people on JA saifd they would do this but then never contacted me.Do you have any suggestions.

D and A testing to determine sperm idenity.I am told it will take 10 days to two weeks.Also for a piecce of the sheet $175.00 and to test my semen another $100.00

The cost really isnt the issue but the time and only testing one or two cut pieces of the sheet.

Cant I have the entire sheet or two large pieces?

Does it really take 10 days to two weeks to get the test results.

In Chicago Illinois who should I look for the get a legitimate labratory?


I feel that your list of facts are organized. There is not a single repetition and since all facts had been put in a chronological order, this cannot be cut short or some facts would be omitted. If lawyer is suggesting anything specifically which he feels is not needed, we can discuss it here. DNA testing can take two weeks. You may just get the two pieces of the sheet and it is expensive. I googled for the DNA testing in your area and there are some good labs there. Usually a bigger center with all other investigation being done there would be authentic for it too.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Doctor,

Thank you.What if I want more than a few pieces tested.Do you have any companies in Chicago I can contact?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Doctor,

on 6/7/2007 the following people knew these

facts,wexman,davidson,zecherle freedman and the POA

1.My mother came into the hospital in a comatosed state caused by haldol

2.My mother was not dehydrated

3.My mothers heart medications were wihdrawn and

replaced with deadly opiates mothers Blood presure since she had no medication for one week was 256/56 mother was not terminally ill

6.The POA withdrew the heart medications and prevented them from being continued

The secret document seals the case.


In many states involuntary euthenesia is a crime.

This happens when a terminally ill patient does not consent to dying.

What happens if the patient was not terminally ill and the doctors and POA with held her life sustaining medications and prescribed opiates which were not needed?

Is this called involuntary euthanasia of a non terminally ill patient? I believe as my doctor friend does this has nothing to do with a statute of limitations for mal practivce.This was a criminal offenmse with the end game my mother dying in agony.

The secret document is thge icing on the cake

My paralegal will redo my statement of facts with attatchments


Yes, it amounts to involuntary euthanasia and is a sort of murder. Stopping the heart medications is mind boggling and secret documents are indicating that there was something fishy going on which was tried to conceal.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Doctor,

A paralegal is putting everything together.Unfortunatly the Marin Hospital PDF file I sent to you I can not find.Do you by any chance still have it.

Thank you,


You are most welcome, Fred.

Unfortunately, I do not have the PDF file you mentioned.

Best regards
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Doctor,

I am almost finished with the documents,.I have a paralegal that wwill put my letter and documents into a legal format.

My mothers 4/12/2007 pacemaker visit in my opinion is crital as a comparison as they did everything a hospital should do for a patient.

Many tests that were not performed in the June and August visit.

A uinalysis,ERKG,Cardiac workup just to mention three.

I have the lab results from all three visits.

I want to tell the paralegal anything that the blood test would show that my mothers condition did not change.

What should I look for?

`WBC count

RBC count




Platrlette count Diff Type

Neutropolisn Lymphocytes










Creatine Calcium

Anion Gap

GFR african American

Protine patieent


All urinalysis results from 4/15 are negaative specific gravity is 1.012

PH 6.5

Which of these results are relative to a heart.

I want to compare to 6/6 blood results.

Thank you

Hello Fred,

The anion gap, sodium, potassium, chloride, creatinine and hemoglobin are one of the best indicator that her heart and other vital organs have been same (not deteriorated), if these are in normal range.

Please do consider rating (Good / Excellent), if the interaction has been helpful to you.

Dr. Arun Phophalia and other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

April June

anion gap 11.4 12.1

sodium 13.7 13.9

chloride 101 105

creatine 1.6 1.6

hemoglobin 11.1 13.2

Please understand on 5/3 my mother met with her cardiologist he took another blood test but I dont know the results.

However he told her the operation was a success and to stay on her medications and come back in four months

Also please understand on 5/29 my mothers heart medications were withdrawn.

On 5/31 she was comatose from haldol and was given opiates.

Given the above did my mother significantly deterriorate in her health from the April visit tot the June vist.

If yyes tell me why.If no tell me why

Thank you

Hello Fred,

There was no deterioration in June compared to April visit. Investigations are same and she did not have any heart related symptoms. There was no reason for heart medicines to be stopped. Stopping heart medications was a criminal negligence.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Doctor,

The report should be ready next week and I will send it to you first.

On a more serious issue is D and A.Semen.

A Chinese woman has been living with me possibly for marriage some day.

I have suspected for some time something may be not right.

I came home from a business ttrip and saw tfour very white bleawch marks on my sheet.Maybe they were there before and I diod not notice them.

I gave the sheet to a friend of mine who took it to someone who said he had a background in forensics.

The sheet came back with many many black circles which he claimed was sperm detection.Also red marks which he said were femail discharge and then some market a darker red which he claims were blood.

He did not do D and A as he is not equipped to do so.

I took the sheet to someone who called themselves a D and A lab.He only checked maybe 10 of the black spots and claimed it was not semen but there was some other substance but he was not paid to identify anyting but seman and he said the spots were not semen.

Because of the importance of this matter in my life I have done a lot of reading.

Using oxi-bleach makes it very very difficult to detect blood under the bleach,Chlorine bleach I understand a forensic specialist can see it there was blood under the spot.

I was also told that even though the sheets have been washed once or a few times the D and A from seman can still be identified

Somehow the first person who did not do D and A identified all of the seman and femal discharge areas.

My problem is getting the truth about my seman and whose else may be present on the sheet.

Also the woman swears the dark bleech spots was putting bleach directly on the blood which seems unusual as it damages the sheet.

What I am wondering is do you have access to a forensic labratory who could analyze the sheet and determine what I am looking for.

I would be glad to pay whatever cost is involved.I just want to deal with someone I trust.

Thank you.


Please see these web sites of forensic labs which deal with the individuals and attorneys. You can talk to them and send the sheet to there;
Dr. Arun Phophalia and other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you

Do you believe they can still detect d and a after washing

You are welcome, Fred.

I feel there is a chance that they would be able to detect as modern labs can pick the tiniest of the amount.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you

You are most welcome.

Take care.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Doctor,

This is a little confusing so I will try to keep it simple

1.Material is brought back with black circles for male and red for female.Person had no equipment or knowledge to check D and A.

2.We send material to a local D and A lab.Not honest.They say no semen but will not give us a report or so far has not given the material back

3.The first person who put the black and red circles on the material says under a microscope he saw semen that could have been tested for D and A.I did not hear this before.

4.Now my person wants to cut out area that the first person said is usable D and A.and send it to an out of state credible D and A lab.10 day wait.

My question is before we send this to an out of state D and A lab to determine whose D and A that is can we verify locally if in fact the sample can show D and A?


Locally, this may not be possible to determine the DNA, as this is an highly specialized test. So sending it to a out of state lab would be the best.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


I fully understand.All I am asking is there not somewhere locally that can tell us not whose DNA it is but if in fact there is useable DNA?

The person who curcled red for femail and black for male is not a DNA lab.He now says there is usable DNA as he saw it under a microscope.

He says this is 100%

Can't I verify this befoire sending it out to determine who the DNA belongs to?

If he can make this determination why cant someone confirm this?


The determination of usable DNA and whose DNA is significant different (this is called quantitative and qualitative test). Your local lab by a microscopic examination can just determine that these are human secretions (male / female), but can't differentiate the DNA testing as it needs electron microscopy..
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Doctor,

I think I understand.Are you saying any local lab can tell me if there is usable DNA male/or female but can not tell you who it belongs to.

All I am asking before I send this out to another DNA lab is if there is usable DNA?


If a local lab can confirm if there is usable DNA what type of lab do I go to?

Yes, exactly. The local lab can determine that it is a human secretion and is usable (as it is a quantitative estimation) by microscope. But further differentiation of DNA (which need highly sophisticated lab) is not possible locally. You have to go to a DNA lab, which your local lab can provide reference.

Dr. Arun

Dr. Arun Phophalia and other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Doctor,

Sorry to be such a bother but how do I find a local lab?

How long should it take a local lab to determine if the DNA is useable?


If you google DNA analysis and your area, it should be able to list the address and phone numbers of the local labs.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


I may have some good news.I am meeting with three attorneys this week.

California SOL health care provider law

In an action for injury or death against a health care provider based upon such person's alleged professional negligence, the time for the commencement of action shall be three years after the date of injury or one year after the plaintiff discovers, or through the use of reasonable diligence should have discovered, the injury, whichever occurs first. In no event shall the time for commencement of legal action exceed three years unless tolled for any of the following: (1) upon proof of fraud,

(2) intentional concealment.

Their is no question the doctors concealed life or death documents. We now have them

What we know so far is my mothers condition on 4/15/2007 (pacemaker replacement still on meds) EKG ,Urinalysis,cardiac workup done and reported and her condition on 6/6/2007 did not deteriorate (no reported EKG,urinalysis, cardiac work up and two ER reports)

I would like your opinion.

When four doctors knew my mother was not terminally ill ,did not need opiates, but needed her heart medication to stay alive did they not commit criminal negligence by releasing my mother in her condition without treatment.

Hi Fred,

This is definitely a great news. The treating doctors surely concealed the documents, which point to mal intention. Withdrawing the life saving medications for heart treatment without reason were indicative of conspiracy and negligence. Starting opiates and other medications facilitated death.

I hope, your meeting with the three attorneys will help a lot.

Please consider a positive rating / accept.

Thank you.

Dr. Arun
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Doctor,

Forget about my sister who withdrew the heart medications and I am sure told the hospital doctors not cto continue them.

My question is only abouitr the doctors.

They knew my mother took heart medications for 22 years which sustained her life.

They knew upon released without heart medications and the continuances of opiates my mother would die.

To med this is not just medical malpractice this is criminal,neglegance on the part of the doctors.

Do you agree?


Fred, this is criminal negligence of the doctors. Withdrawing medicines of heart which were being taken for 22 years (which are life saving) is life threatening. Prescribing opiates for no reason and no pain is again a criminal intention. A very important point here is that the treating doctors mentioned withdrawing heart drugs that she has poor swallowing reflux. If that was true; the opiates further deteriorate the swallowing reflux. So there was a contradiction in their treatment and medical opinion.
Dr. Arun Phophalia and other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Doctor,

My attorney told me on Thursday to put this together in a professional mannor.

If you would be kind enough to let me know what is mui\iissing or not imoportant and what documents are absolutly critical to send

Thank you

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Dear Sir,

This letter is in regards ***** ***** mothers death. Verla K. Regnery, 88, she died in a Marin County nursing home in November 2nd

2013 from unnatural causes.

I have know before and after my mothers death how it happened and who were the people responsible for her death but unfortunately could not prove it.

Several months ago a new Chairman of the board, Mr Fair, was appointed at the Marin General Hospital in Marin County California.

I sent Mr.Fair a letter (exhibit 1) with attachments asking him to investigate the wrong doings of his doctors.The response I received was it would be investigated but the results would remain private.

Two weeks after writing this letter I received an anonymous document in the mail post marked San Francisco but without a return address or a name. (exhibit 2 )

This document proves what I had suspected for the past several years but could not prove.

This was not part of my mothers medical files and in fact when I asked for it after my mothers death they said it was never recorded.(exhibit 1) It was concealed teast results of tests ordered by three doctors covering the April,June and August Marin General Hospital visits by my mother.

This document shows during those visits 26 tests were ordered in total by the attending physicians.22 showed completed and reported as part of my mothers discharge documents..

The four that were not reported two were urinalysis tests never taken and two were EKG's tests never taken both from the 6/6 and 8/15 visits.

The urinalysis tests from 6/6 and 8/15 showed canceled by the requesting party.The two EKG's showed completed disc/stopped

The April visit was ordered by Doctor Mark Wexman to have my mothers pacemeker replaced.The operation was a success without complications (exhibit 3)

Please note that during this visit the routine cardiac workup,urinaklysis and EKG were taken and reported and were included in my mothers discharge documents.

Durinng this visit my mothers 22 years of heart medications were continued.

The June and August visits did not include a cardac workup,an EKG or a urinalysis stating in both discharge reports the urine specimen was never received however the urine culture was taken and reported.

During these visits my mothers heart medications were withdrawn replaced with opiates.(exhibit 4)

The hospital between the June and August visit had 144 hours to perform this manditory test for my mother.She had class two Diabetis,weak kidneys and a heart condition.

After the pcemaker replacement procedure on May 31st.Doctor Gerald Freedman my mothers G.P met with her and told her the operation was a success and told her he had made an appointment for her with her Cardiologist on May 3rd.(exhibit not released by Freedman)

My mother met with Doctor Wexman on 5/3 and was given a physical.Her health was good and Doctor Wexman told my mother to continue her heart medications and come back in four months (exhibit 5).My mother had by pass surgery in 1979 and 1995 and had been taking heart medications ever since.

I was in China at the time due home on August 1st.My mother was anxious to return to her home in Chicago and asked me after the Wexman appointment if I would come home earlier to take her home.

On May 28th I sent an email stating I was leaving China one month earlier than expected to take my mother home.(exhibit 6)

On May 31st from the Beijing airport I called my mother and a strange ladies voice answered the phone and handed it to my mother.

Her exact words were "come and get me I am being hurt and poisoned"The phone was hung up and never answered again.

My mother had a living will (exhibit 7) and what follows is in many opinions a violation of her living will

22 hour later I found my mother comatose at the home of the POA she was visiting.

No reason was given to me except this happens every night when my mother becomes tired.

For the next three days my mother remained comatose or a near comatose state.My efforts to get her to the hospital were unsuccessful.

Finally on June 5th I called 911.(police records) The following day Doctor Freedman admitted my mother to the Marin General Hospital with a commitment to me he would not interfere with my mothers treatment.

The day after my email was sent (5/28) announcing my return from China a call to Doctors Freedman office was made by the POA announcing my mother was spitting out her heart medications.(exhibit 9)

Doctor Freedman had not seen my mother since her April 31st appointment.He called Hospice and they arrived at the home my mother was visiting the next day May 30th (exhibit 10)

On May 31st my mother was enrolled in Hospice without her consent as she was still in a comatose state which later was shown was caused by an overdose form an anti psychotic drug haldol. (exhibit 11)

Doctor Freedman gave Hospice my mothers plan of care it did not not include her blood pressure or heart medications but did include morphine ,Valium and haldol.(exhibit 12)

Prior to my mothers enrollment in Hospice she had never had a pain prescription written for her (exhibit 14 Pharmacia drug store Mill Valley)

Doctor Freedman then signed an affidavit stating my mother was terminally ill with six or less months to live.(exhibit 13)

There was no reason given how he reached this conclusion or what test were given.

The Hospice records also do not state why or how my mother was terminally ill.

In 26 days without a stroke heart attack or organ failure my mother went from a healthy patient who underwent a successful pacemakler replacement to terminally ill.

The last time Doctor Freedman had seen my mother prior to her admission to Hospice was the April 31st visit after her pacemaker replacement.

How could Doctor Freedman determine that my mother was terminally ill?

There were no tests given tests given,wheezing,shortness of breath or any other signs of terminal illness.

Why would Doctor Freedman tell the hospital and Hospice my mothers plan of care would not change? She had been taking her life sustaining medications for 22 years.

June 6th my mother was admmitted to the Marin General Hospital in a comatose state.(exhibit 14)

Although Doctor Freedman committed to me he would not interfere with my mothers treatment at the Marin General Hospital in fact he did (exhibit 15)

A document was given to Hospice by Doctor Freedman stating my mother was going to the hospital to check my mother's altered level of consciousness and that my mothers plan of care would not be changed (no heart medications and opiates)

This was repeated to the ER doctor upon my mothers arrival. (exhibit 15) My mother blood pressure was 256/57 at admission as she had gone for one week without her heart medications.(exhibit 15)

At the advise of a doctor I had written a letter to give to the admitting Doctor when my mother was admitted explaining what I had witnessed regarding my mothers physical condition and financial matters in my absence.

This letter was handed to Doctor Davidson.(exhibit 16.) One of two pages were part of my mothers hospital discharge report.The missing page explained what had happened to my mother and her money.

I handed the ER nurse two pills of haldol and after talking my mothers blood and urine the nurse gave my mother an IV of saline solution and told me within one hour my mother would be wide awake after the haldol was washed from her system.

My mother was wide awake in 45 minutes.Shortly thereafter Doctor Davidson confirmed the comatose state was caused by an overdose of haldol. She said I was her hero

There are two ER reports for the June visit,same patient,day,time and doctor.The first ER report,"official" included in my mother discharge documents (exhibit 20 and 21) was identical to the second ER report that had been deleted from the hospital computers . That no one knew had been sent to me.

What you will find in both reports was Doctor Freedman telling the ER doctor my mothers plan of care would not change.

The only different from the two ER reports was under the subject "discussions".

The "official" ER report did not have a discussion section.( exhibit 21 )

The concealed ER report had a discussion section (exhibit 22) .It stated my mother received 125cc of saline solution for gentle hydration which I knew immediately was not true.

Both doctors confirmed to me the IV was to rinse the haldol from my mothers system. Also the ER doctor noted my mother had moist mucosa and the blood tests would also verify my mother was not dehydrated.

Also under discussions was my mothers altered level of consciousness but no where in the medical recourse of the hospital will you see this again or an explanation of how or why my mothers altered level of consciousness was caused or caused.

The concealed ER report under discussion had a very damming statement by the POA.She is here for placement and no other reason (no medication or treatment)

My mother had been taking her heart and blood pressure medications for 22 years until Doctor Freedman without cause withdrew them.

After my mother woke up Doctor Davidson admitted my mother from ER to the hospital and told me and two other witnesses that if my mother could pass the swallow test in the morning she could continue her heat medications however she stated she thought my mother would not do well on the swallow test (exhibit 23)

She also told me a hospital Cardiologist would do a cardiac workup on my mother.This never took place.

One hour later, 10 hours prior to the swallow test, Doctor Davidson prescribed and administered medication to my mother some in pill form including haldol.(exhibit 24) There was no report that my mother had any problem swallowing the pills.

The lab reports showed no dehydration and stated urine specimen never received so no urinalysis test was taken but a urine ttest was taken and reported.(documents 25& 26)

Later that evening under the Illinois Power of Attorney act my mother revoked her present power of attorney for health care and appointed me as the replacement (exhibit 25)

Each of the necessary procedures were followed and the notarized and signed revocation and appointment document was included in the hospital records.

Under California law an out of state power of attorney document must be honored and given full faith and credit (exhibit 27)

Please note in the Illinois power of attorney act if the revocation is concealed or not acted on and life sustaining medications are withdrawn or withheld and the patient then dies the charge is manslaughter.(exhibit 28)

The hospital and current power of attorney would not recognize the replacement of the power of attorney.

The following morning my mother passed the swallow test (exhibit 29) however Doctor Davidson for the next two days not only never appeared but did not prescribe my mothers heart medications.

After many phone calls and pages finally a nurse told me why my mother did not receive her heart medications.

I then wrote a letter to Doctor Davidson asking her what power she had over the power of attorney.I received no answer.(exhibit 30)

My mother ate three meals a day and took frequent walks with me up and down the hospital hallways.

She swallowed every medication she was given however Doctor Davidson without being a witness found this impossible as my mother was profondly ***** ***** visit contridicts this conclusion by Doctor davidson. (exhibits 31& 31)

On June 9th my mother was discharged by Doctor Davidson to a nursing home.Doctor Davidson prescribed haldol,but no heart medications and the morphine,Valium and haldol continued.(exhibit 32)

She went on to say because my mother ate very little she doubted she would keep down her heart medications.She prescribed haldol and continued the opiates.

My mother was admitted to the hospital on June 6th in critical condition,received no treatment and was released in the same condition as she was admitted on June 9th.

In the discharge report was an evaluation of my mother by Doctor Wexman her Cardiologist on June 7th and he stated stated "patients cardiac status stable.(exhibit 33)

Almost one month to the day earlier he sent my mother home after examining her after her pacemaker replacement and told her to keep on her current medications and come back in four months. He did not continuee her heart medications or discontinue the opiates.

This visit by doctor Wexman was not included in his records that he kept on my mother.

In April an EKG,urinalysis and cardiac workup were ordered completed and reported.In the June and July visit there was no urinalysis given,no EKG reported and no cardiac workup.

The only difference between the three visits was on the April visit my mother was taking her heart medications not opiates.

The discharge document was ignored by the ex- poa and took my mother back to her home where my mother had been house bound since January 15th of that same year.There were 100 steps from the street to get up to the house.My mother suffered from edema and could not navigate those stairs.

Prior to my mother arriving in California in January of 2007 the power of attorney wrote a letter stating the only way my mother could live in her home is if she put in a lift (exhibit 32)

In August of 2007 my mother took a hard fall on the wood floor of the POA's house and was taken back to Marin General.

The ER report is quite different than Doctor Davidson's observation on 6/6.On 5/6 Doctor Davidson stated my mothers dementia was quite profound and she was not oriented to time or place (exhibit 33)

The August visit found my mother to be oriented.

The August visit also did not include a cardiac workup,EKG and the urine specimen was not received just like the 6/6/ visit but it did include a chest ex-ray which showed no failure.

On October 1st when my mother had been transferred to a nursing home she called her brother in Chicago and told him to pick her up and bring her home.

On October 2nd my wife and I arrived to once again find my mother comatose.This was the second time my mother was comatose upon my arrival.

On October 4th my daughter a nurse practioner felt my mothers comatose condition was caused by a drug overdose.I called 911 three times.(police records)

Each time the call was routed to Seargeant Lotus of the Mill Valley Police Department.

Each time he refused to dispatch an ambulance Finally he admitted he had orders from Doctor Freedman and the poa niot to send an ambulance.

My mother fought her heart out to everyone amazement for the next four months but finally her heart failed.

Doctor Freedman at my request refused to order an autopsy.

I ordered an autopsy and noted the cause of death and it was quite clear .Drug abuse.

The coroner sent a copy of the report to the Mill Valley Police, the Marin County District Attorney and Hospice.

He also informed Hospice ,written in their records, that by state and count law he must perform the autopsy. (exhibit 34)

Mr. Holmes after my mother's death allowed the accused to take my mothers and have it cremated without first taking a toxicology test.

In conclusion:

After Doctor Wexman visited my mother on June 7th and found her heart to be in good condition he,Doctor Davidson,Zecherle and Freedman all knew the folowing.

1.My mother was never terminally ill,she was not dehydrated and the 125cc were to wash the overdose of haldol from her system administered by the POA

2.As mandated reporters they has a legal duty to report elder abuse to the authorities and revoke the power of attorney.

They also had a duty to report Doctor Freedman for placing my mother into Hospice when she was not critically ill ,signing a fraudulant affadavit stating my mother was terminlly ill and removing her heart medications and replacing them with opiates.

Also he prevented the hospital from treating my mother.

The June and August visits which did not incliude a cardiac workup,EKG or urinalysis was not a mistake.It was intentional to protect Doctor Freedman.

By not treating my mother,falsifying and concealing vital medical documents the doctors committed criminal neglegance and should be prosecuted by the District Attorney.They also should have their medical livcense revoked.

Included is an evaluation by a senior Hospice nurse and two cardiologists that support my contention.

My mother did not meet one criteria for Hospice admission,was not terminally ill.

Withdrawing her heart medications and replacing them with opiates was premeditated to cause my mothrs death.(exhibits 35)

My mother had the right to live and the will to live.Anyone who took that away from her caused her death and should be prosecuted.

Hello Fred,

This is an excellent exhaustive document, complete and substantiated with the exhibits. I highly appreciate your meticulous work. You have put lot of time and effort in to it. I have read it thoroughly and every point is properly described in a chronological order. This should clinch the matter.

Dr. Arun

Dr. Arun Phophalia and other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Doctor Thank you,

To hit the nail on the head the most important thing I can do is show no deterrioration between the Aproil pacemaker replacement and the June 6 visit.

The documents that if I showed any doctor they would immeadiatly see my mother had not deterriotrated and discontinuting her nmedications and starting opiates was only meant to end her life.

Which docuements sjhould i take from each visit.

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Hi Doctor I do not see this posted did you receive it

Doctor Thank you,

To hit the nail on the head the most important thing I can do is show no deterrioration between the Aproil pacemaker replacement and the June 6 visit.

The documents that if I showed any doctor they would immeadiatly see my mother had not deterriotrated and discontinuting her nmedications and starting opiates was only meant to end her life.

Which docuements sjhould i take from each visit.

You are most welcome, Fred.

Just no need of frequent visit to the doctor in this duration (and if there are visits to doctor; no change in treatment / doctor notes supporting that her all vital parameters were normal and no new examination finding pointing of deterioration) would be the best for proving it.

You are doing a great job.
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Hi Doctor,

Because I am not a doctor it is difficult for me to co,\mpare my mothers condition from the documents from the april to June visit

What can I show an attorney to clerarlty show no deterrioration the ER report? lab reports? any document that would be included in both hospital visit that points to no change

Do you honestly believe the acts of the doctors will be classified as criminal neglect?

Thank you

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Sory doctor one last question.What was the reason other than to ciover up no dehydration the urinalysis was not taken.It just can not be to hide e dehydration otherwise they wooould not have given my moother the IV and aklllow the urinalysis.Does the urinalysis detect fdrufggs otr something in it tells them to take a drug test?

Fred. I honestly believe that it is criminal neglect. Definite omission of standard of care is a criminal negligence. A deterioration of condition is;

1) Significant change in pulse, blood pressure (like very high fall or raise), respiratory rate.
2) Need of admission in hospital / intensive care unit / cardiac care unit.
3) Need of exhaustive investigations.
4) Need of life support.

All these were absent.

Not taking urinanalysis can be;

1) prevent detection of not normalcy, which may detect the wrong medications or drugs.
2) pointing to prevention of dehydration
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Thank you doctor,

Haldol caused the overdose,maybe morphine or Vallium

There was a definate reason the urinalysis wes not taken for 172 hours of hospitta;lization.It make no sense to not take it if my mother was not dehydrated which we know she was not.

It had to be the drug (s) that made her comatose and a trail from the utrinalysis that would lead you there.

What specific aspect of a urinalysis test would clearly show something was wrong and further urine tests must be taken

Would it be color,appearance,dspecific gravity,urine ph,urine luek esterase, urin nitrate,urine protine,urine glocose,urine kelones,urine billrubin,urine blood or urine comments

It is impossible it was to show my mother was dehydrated so the omittewd the urinalysis test.They would not leave that door open to questions on sucerh a routine test.

From what I have listed a vccomatose woman from drugs which would lead to suspiician to go to a drug urinalysis


A urine examination not done during hospitalization is flabbergasting, suspicious, mal intentioned and negligence. It alone is sufficient to nail down the treating doctor. An abnormal amount of ketone, protein, change in pH would point to something fishy going on. A dehydration is pointed by the change in the urine specific gravity.
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Hi Doctor I know none of these test were dont to determine heart conition but is there any of these values that could mean anything as far as heart deterrioration

Lab reports 4/12 and 6/6


WBC 7.1 7.1

& nbsp; RBC 6.8 4.70

Hemogloban 11.1 13.2


MCV 84 39.2

MCH 64 83

MCHC 33.5 28.2

RWD 15.2



Lymphocytes 19 15

Monocytes 5 5

Eosinophlis 4 2

Basophils 1 1

Sodium 137

Potaassium 4.4 4

Chloride 101 101 108

C0-2 29 29 28

Glucose 150 100

BUN 39 30

Creatine 1.6 1.6

Anion Gap 11.4 11
Hi Fred,

No. None of these investigations are related to heart and are not indicative of heart deterioration.
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Hello Doctor Arun,
Without your constant encouragement I never would have put this report together.
I am hoping that the doctors will not only be found guilty of fraudulently concealing my mothers medical records but also be charged with criminal negligence.
Thank you
Hello Fred,

I am downloading it. This is a 67 MB file so I can understand that you have made an huge effort. I appreciate your perseverance and will to fight for justice. I am here with you in this noble cause.

Thanks for your kind words.

Dr. Arun