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I was diagnosed with bronchitis on Wed. and started ZPAK on

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I was diagnosed with bronchitis on Wed. and started ZPAK on Thursday. I am scheduled to go visit my 97 yr. old mother on Sunday. I want to see her but don't want to give her this. Will I still be contagious after 4 days of antibiotics?
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Bronchitis can be due to viruses or bacteria.
According to studies, bronchitis is contagious as long as symptoms are observed.
Bronchitis is most contagious in the first few days after the patient manifests notable symptoms.
If it is a virus, people are contagious for the duration of the illness- usually 3-5 days. For bacterial, after start of antibiotics, this duration is decreased.

As it has been 4 days, since start of antibiotics, so you would be free from symptoms at this time or may have very few symptoms.
For safety purpose, I would suggest that she(your mother) should avoid sharing your personal articles of daily use like towels, toothbrush, etc, food or clothes.

Most likely by this time, you would be safe and can visit your mother.

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