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I am getting an excessive amount of dried crusty substance

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I am getting an excessive amount of dried crusty substance in both nostrils and my septum seems swollen. the entire end of my nose is very tender and sore.


What is your age?

Stuffy nose?

Phlegm at back of throat?

Duration of symptoms?

Nose bleeding?

Any history of trauma?


Are you taking any medicines?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

47 y.o.

No stuffy nose.

Symptoms for about 3 weeks now, seems to be getting progressively worse.

A small amount of phlegm, kind of wheezy and hard to clear throat to eliminate faint wheezing when breathing.

Nose bleeds sometimes when removing build up of crusty substance. It's like if you have an eye infection and a lot of matter builds up in the corners of your eyes, but in my nose.

No trauma or headaches.

I take:

1 Omeprazole 2x daily

10mg lisinopril 1x

325 mg aspirin 1x

20mg lexapro 1x

tramadol 50 mg as needed

atenolol 100mg 1x

800mg ibuprofin as needed

Thanks for providing more information.

As per your description,in my opinion,you shouldn't ignore your symptoms and make an appointment with an ENT doctor for a clinical examination.

Possible differential diagnosis may include Nasal polyp,Sinusitis,Deviated septum.

CT scan of sinuses should be advised.

You can try Afrin nasal decongestant.

Also your blood pressure should be monitored.

If nose bleeding is persistent for more than 20 minutes then visit ER.

Hope this helps.
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