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Nurse Milli, RN
Nurse Milli, RN, Nurse (RN)
Category: Health
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Experience:  20 years experience in many areas of Nursing. Both Hospital and Private Practice experience.
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I have painful pins and needles on the soles of my feet and

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I have painful pins and needles on the soles of my feet and severe itching above my ankles. I am 66 years old and male. Good health otherwise.
Hi there and thank you for the question. I am a Registered Nurse and will be happy to help you today.
The sensation of pins and needles in the feet along with itching is often times what is called Peripheral Neuropathy.
Cuases can range from diabetes, to alcohol use to autoimmune disorders such as Lupus or Arthritis. Sometimes the cause is unknown (in about 4% of patients). Exposure to chemicals and even kidney disease or vitamin deficiency can be the cause. Also, in other cases the nerves in the back are affected and they will cause distant pain and tingling in the extremities (called Radiculopathy).
A full physical exam and blood tests will help narrow down the cause. But this can be treated depending on the cause.
Most times, a medication called Neurontin will help ease the symptoms.
Reply back if I can help further.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

How about if I add another symptom: I often have muscular pain in my leg and thigh muscles ?

Thank you for your prompt and succinct advice.

Thank you for the reply back.
When you add this into the mix, it sounds more like you may have a disc issue in the lumbar spine. Often times, when the discs degenerate or if they bulge or even rupture, patients will get those radicular symptoms that I could expect to feel pain the hip/thigh, buttocks, even calf and foot pain. The nerves will run downward from the back and this is the cause. Often times (strange enough), back pain may not be an may the leg that is the biggest complaint.
Another thought is PAD (peripheral artery disease). This can cause leg and foot pain because the blood pools in the lower extremities. However, I would lean more towards the radiculopathy thought. That one seems to fit your situation a bit better.
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