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Anthony Bray, MD
Anthony Bray, MD, Doctor
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I sometimes cough so hard that I nearly black out. I also at

Customer Question

I sometimes cough so hard that I nearly black out.
I also at times cough so hard I see spots of white light that go away in a few minutes
is this something to be concerned with
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Anthony Bray, MD replied 4 years ago.
Anthony Bray MD :


Anthony Bray MD :

It is not that uncommon for people to have a hard vigorous bout of coughing and feel as though they are about to pass out. This aspect of your history is not that unusual..

Anthony Bray MD :

It is common for someone with severe cough to see spots but these are generally very brief and transient. They would not typically last for minutes. With your taking a few minutes you may want to discuss that further with an opthomologist. (It is advised to get an eye check every two years at least anyway by the way.)

Anthony Bray MD :

In general the spots are just due to vascular changes to the retina due to the coughing....

Anthony Bray MD :

I hope this injformation is helpful for you. If you have further questions then please lt me know. If my answers have been helpful and to your satisfaction then please remember to leave positive feedback. Thank You and Best Regards,

Anthony Bray MD :

Anthony Bray MD

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok Im more concerned about the blacking out its occured on several occasions

is that normal also

I cough sometimes i just lose my vision other times, I just pass out

Expert:  Anthony Bray, MD replied 4 years ago.

Hello again,

How often does the actual passing out occur?? This is not as common... It can be caused by a vagal response to the cough reflex... this lowers your blood pressure...

Also do you smoke? Do you have a regular ongoing cough or sporadic lower respiratory infections??

What has been the pattern of these occurances? Have you had this happen with increasing frequency for example? Do you have a chronic cough that never completely clears? This would cause more reaon for concern if this is the case. If you have such a chronic cough then I would advise a more complete work up. A chronic ongoing cough could be due to chronic bronchitis which could be associated with smoking, a chronic lower respiratory infection or asthma.

Let me know if you will this added information and I will get back with you. Best Regards,

Anthony Bray MD

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The cough I guess you would say is chronic usually occurs when I am smoking a ciggertte, the passing out events have stopped since I started working out again at the gym.
The cough seems to come and go, I dont feel sick or under the weather at all, just always seem to be congested with a lot of mucas. The blacking out even would normally occur later in the day or late at night after a ciggerette. I have not had one in several weeks but I have had events where I coughed and my vision just went blank It comes back in a few minutes but when it occurs I can not see anything.

The coughing appears to be directly related to my smoking which I am trying to quit. I was a 3 to 4 pack a day smoker and I am down to 2 a day.

I am concerned mainly cause of a few other side effects so issues that effect blood flow like erectile dysfunction, and periods of dizziness when sitting for a while and standing.

Since I have started to work out again the issues are starting to diminish but still I am concerned that these issues are all related.

Expert:  Anthony Bray, MD replied 4 years ago.

Hello again!

I see. Yes by all means you need to quit the smoking. It sounds then that you have chronic bronchitis related to your smoking. The severe cough episodes cause a vagal response and this will drop your BP and slow your heart rate. This is probably causing both the black out of vision as well as the passing out episodes..

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Expert:  Anthony Bray, MD replied 4 years ago.

You are correct that the smoking over time impairs your circulation which may affect you in many different ways...

The vision black outs seem unusually long for your cough ... this may warrant further consutation with an opthamologist. You may have more narrow arterial blood supply to the retina as being possibly related to this phenomenon.

The cough itself might benefit from an inhaler to redyce inflammation or Singulair to help reduce airway inflammation..

In the long run you REALLLY need to stop the smoking of course which I realize is very difficult. You might consider discussing this further with your doctor. The Rx med Chantix gives the best success rate PER ATTEMPT at about 42% >> Wellbutrin is about 30% >>cold turkey is about 10%

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have further questions for me. Good luck to you!!

Best Regards.

Anthony Bray MD