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I'm a 27 year-old female and upto this day, I'm experiencing

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Hi, I'm a 27 year-old female and upto this day, I'm experiencing acute/recurrent lower abdominal pain.
I actually don't know how to start with this entry but here's my history:
- Had a medical examination last July for my pre-employment requirement.
- Saw the result very late, 2 months later (September), with this finding from the urinalysis == MICROSCOPIC HEMATURIA(RBC IN URINE)/ASYMPTOMATIC PYURIA(LEUKOCYTES<5)
- Had another urinalysis on the same month, and result was the same with the result that was founds 2 months ago.
- was diagnosed with UTI (although I didn't feel any pain passing urine); Doctor prescribed anti-biotic that I took for 7 days.
- Didn't get another urinalysis yet because of further symptoms:
- I've had my irregular mens lately (Starting February 2012) and doc said it might have caused blood findings in my urine.
- considered Hormonal imbalance (had spottings in between periods - which I already experienced in my younger days when I first started having my period. Became regular starting 2005.)
- Was referred for a transvaginal ultrasound last October and findings showed a complex cystic structure on the left ovary. Uterus and Right ovary are both normal.
- She put me on oral contraceptives (my first time) to regularize my bleeding.
- Bleeding started to be regular again just last month (November).
But now, I'm experiencing acute/recurrent lower abdominal pain. The pain would go around anywhere of my lower abdomen. Sometimes on the lower left-side, but these days, on the right side. The pain is almost like dysmenorrhea, but sometimes not really. It goes on and off. I started feeling it just recently after my last normal menstruation which started last Nov 27. I'm not sure about the end date of my mens because upto now, I still have very minimal spottings. And on that first day of my period, I had a very terrible dysmenorrhea, then the pain got milder and milder after each day. And now just this weird abdominal pain that goes on and off everyday, so I basically have this feeling for more than a week now.
I'm not sure about the relation of those findings/diagnosis I mentioned above but it's clear to me that I have very weird health issues. I'm not sure to what illness these symptoms are leading me, but it stresses me out now jumping from one symptom, to another... All happened consecutively. All not related???
Your opinion about my health problems will be very helpful.
If you need my brief background:
- Work is sedentary ; rarely stressful
- personal life maybe stressful just occasionaly
- been with my BF for 5 years now, and starting living-in together for 2 years
- was diagnosed with gonorrhea 2 times in the past (year 2009, and was treated)
- had medical abortion history last year September (had irregular mens for a month or 2 after that procedure but then became regular again later on).. Until this year.


Associated frequent urination,burning sensation during urination?

Fever and chills?

Nausea and vomiting?


Bloating and flatulence?

Do you still have some spotting after your last period?

Are you taking any medicines?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Frequent urination -- occasionaly yes

Fever and chills -- NO ; but the other day, i felt as if i was gonna have fever/flu but didn't go all the way.

Nausea and vomiting -- NONE

Constipation -- NONE

Bloating -- A little, I think? Not sure.. 'coz I think I naturally got fat this year.

Flatulence -- NO

Spotting After last period -- Yes... Very little now... very little that im not already sure if its spotting or Discharge already.. Reddish-brown (spotting or not?) NO foul smell.

Taking medicines -- none for now. Just the contraceptive pills prescribed by my OB...

additional info:

I felt the mild ache/pain today, around 4 times i think. Interval would be every after 3-5 hours i think.. the pain is weird.. Like dysmenorrhea but almost not really.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

NO burning sensation during urination... But after I pee, i have to wait for around 10 seconds again because a little more pee would still come out..

Thanks for providing more information.

It is possible that the bleeding is coming from the cervix (the mouth of the cervix) and not from the uterus.

You could be suffering from a condition known as cervical erosion.

This is a condition which occurs in women in whom the estrogen levels are high, for example, in pregnant women or in women who have been on birth control pills or other hormonal contraceptives.

Other possible cause may include Ovarian cyst as you have history of complexed cyst causing pain and bleeding.

So any abnormal bleeding shouldn't be ignored and you need to be seen by your gynecologist for a clinical examination.

Further repeat ultrasound should be done to check size and growth of cyst.

Urinalysis should be done as well.

You can take OTC Motrin for pain relief.

And apply warm compresses with a heating pad on lower abdomen.

If pain is severe,it's good idea to visit ER.

Hope this helps.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Is this curable/treatable? Is this something very serious?

Thanks doc your reply truly helped me realize what could this be.

My OB seems to always be not sure with my symptoms.